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Building Better Web Pages
101 Marketing Tips for Writers

Jurassic Hard Drive Shredders
Munch Regulatory, Legal Problems

Inform IT
Review: Zone Alarm
Security Suite 6.0
CMP Security Pipeline
Letting the Telecommuters
Into The Network

Inform IT
"IM" Still Not Secure
A: Instant Messaging Breaches Security
B: Enterprise IM Top 10
The Joke Is On
The Vandals

Internet Week
Annihilate Pop-up Ads
(Mini Reviews)

Washington Post
SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.4

CMP Security Pipeline
Norton Internet Security 2005
AntiSpyware Edition

CMP Security Pipeline
Review: Shred CDs & DVDs
Tom's Hardware Guide
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Spam Subtract
(Scroll to bottom review.)

Washington Post
Mail Washer Pro 4

Washington Post
Review: Spy"Catcher:"
(It would have to bother
to know them to really catch them.)

CMP Security Pipeline
Review: SpoofStick 1.0
(Scroll to bottom review.)

Washington Post
Got Sender-ID?
Will SPF Stop Spam Burn?

Inform IT
Security Breach?
No CERTain Safety Net
Smart Reseller
Five Tweaks for Windows Servers:
Speeding the Internet Experience for Users

Inform IT
How to
Save Lives with CE

Windows CE Tech Journal
One-Man Code Pod:
Ace HTML 4 Pro

Internet Week
Entrepreneur's Complete
Guide to Software 1997

Move Your Computer
Without Moving Hardware:
Internet Suspend/Resume

IT Manager's Journal (ITMJ)
RoboHELP 5.5
Help Authoring Tool
Smart Reseller
Samsung MM-A800
Surprises and Disappoints

Tom's Hardware Guide
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Better Way
To Create Slick
Web Pages (XML)

Sm@rt Reseller
SmartSaver 3.0:
Make Every Graphic
SuperModel Thin

Sm@rt Reseller
Software Short Takes
PC LapTop
Dial "T"
for Troubleshooting

Inform IT
Build Sophisticated Surveys:
Perseus Survey Solutions 4.0
Authoring Tool

Internet Week
From 32-Bit to Itanium
The Perfect Code:
Net Mechanic

Internet Week
Dell Inspiron 2500

Washington Post
Under The Gun:
Tips By Webmasters

Web Developer
Eek! Scaring Up
Haunted House
More Than the
Bare Necess-IT

Contract Professional
Higher Frequency
Isn't Always Better

Washington Post
TransForce Image Server
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Cheap Skype!
Internet Week
Review: Camera Phone
LG VX-5200

Tom's Hardware
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Castle Shadowgate
Goes Mobile
Tom's Hardware Guide
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Idea Fisher Review
(Posted without my permission
by a seller, with their typos(!!!)
plus their note in my text
about Mac disks!)

Considering my options.
PC Laptop
Vengeance of Excalibur
(game review)
Making Your Database Play
With Visio's SmartShapes
Inform IT
Online Mapping:
Where Do They Want
It To Go Today?
Inform IT
Day In The Life
Of A Private Investigator
Microsoft, MBC and
Counterfeit Software
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Not all magazines put articles online. This is a (more) complete list of magazines that have published my work.
These are not links.
--Rebecca Frances Rohan

  • AAA Motorist
  • Accounting Today
  • Adweek's Marketing Week
  • Aquent/1090
  • Aim
  • Belladonna
  • Black Enterprise
  • Books 24 x 7
  • Cash Saver
  • Clip
  • College Preview
  • Communications Briefings
  • Compute!
  • Computer Shopper
  • ComputorEdge (sic)
  • Continental (in-flight)
  • Contract Professional
  • De Novo
  • DevX
  • Directions
  • DOS World Practical Windows
  • DOS World Maximize Office
  • Editorial Eye
  • Editor's Forum
  • Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur Home Office
  • Employee Relations & HR Bulletin
  • Final Draft
  • First Opportunity
  • FISI Madison (financial)
  • Freelance Writer's Report
  • From Nine to Five
  • HOC Telecomm
  • Home Office Computing
  • Home Work
  • HP World
  • Info Marketing
  • Inform IT
  • Internet Shopper
  • Internet Week
  • Internet World
  • Intranet Construction Site
  • ISP World
  • I-Way
  • IW Labs
  • Journey
  • Linux Magazine
  • Living With Teenagers
  • MainSpring
  • MicroAge Quarterly
  • Militia Man
  • Minnesota Ink
  • Mobility Guru
  • Multimedia World
  • NBRG
  • NetGuide
  • PC Computing
  • PC LapTop
  • PC Sources
  • Planet IT
  • Publish!
  • Purple Squirrel
  • Read Me
  • Recycling Today
  • Sales & Field Force Automation
  • SD (Software Development) Times
  • Secure Destruction Business
  • Security Management
  • Security Pipeline
  • Shareware
  • Skill Magazine
  • Small Business Computing
  • Smart Meetings
  • Sm@rt Reseller/Sm@rt Partner
  • Technique
  • Tom's Hardware Guide
  • Washington Post
  • Web Developer
  • Web Now
  • Web Week
  • Windows CE Tech Journal
  • Windows Magazine
  • Windows Sources
  • Windows User
  • WDS Forum
  • Writer's Digest
  • Writer's Haven Journal
  • Yankee Homes
  • ZDNet
  • Ziff Davis' DevSource