Rebecca & Melanie Birthday Party Snapshots

Pictures taken at a birthday party for Rebecca and Melanie Saunders.
The pictures are at a low resolution to save space and speed data transfer. If you want electronic copies of any of these pictures, e-mail me the file name and I will send them to you.
The original electronic picture file may be taken to any place that processes electronic files into prints. The prints I have done result in a picture that looks to have been taken by a film camera.

Picture P7210037
Picture P7210040
Picture P7210043
Picture P7210048
Picture P7210052
Picture P7210056
Picture P7210059
Picture P7210062
Picture P7210065
Picture P7210068
Picture P7210071
Picture P7210074
Picture P7210038
Picture P7210041
Picture P7210045
Picture P7210049
Picture P7210054
Picture P7210057
Picture P7210060
Picture P7210063
Picture P7210066
Picture P7210069
Picture P7210072
Picture P7210075
Picture P7210039
Picture P7210042
Picture P7210046
Picture P7210051
Picture P7210055
Picture P7210058
Picture P7210061
Picture P7210064
Picture P7210067
Picture P7210070
Picture P7210073
Picture P7210076