Joshua Tree National Park, California

The higher, moister, and slightly cooler Mojave Desert (above 3,000 feet) is the special habitat of the Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia).

cactus 1. Near Jumbo Rocks - cactus flower
flowering2. Near Jumbo Rocks - creosote in flower
flowering3. Jumbo Rocks - creosote in flower
blur4. Keys View - moving in the wind
rocks5. Keys View - rock formations
lizard 6. Keys View (elevation 5,185 feet)- lizard (Can you see the lizard in the middle of the picture?)
bloom 7. Keys View (elevation 5,185 feet) - Joshua Tree bloom
cleft 8. Cap Rock - cleft
formation 9. Cap Rock - formation
lake 10. Barker Dam - dry lake with "No Swimming" sign
dam 11. Barker Dam -Dam View - Built ca. 1900 to hold water for cattle and mining use, the dam today forms a small rain-fed reservoir used by park wildlife.
blossom 12. Palm Springs - purple verbena blossom
view 13. Palm Springs - View with purple verbena in bloom from Taquitz Canyon Drive looking northeast.

Joshua Tree National Park Association

7 April 2003