Seattle-to-Ocean Shores by Public Transport - September 2001

Metrobus111. Metrobus #11 leaves Madison Valley (29th and East Madison) for downtown Seattle (ca. 8:25AM)
SoundTransit594X 2. SoundTransit Route #594X leaves downtown Seattle (2nd and Union) for Tacoma and Lakewood Transit Transfer Station (ca. 9:30AM)
InterCity620X3. InterCity Route #620X leaves Lakewood (SR-512) Park & Ride (ca. 12:25PM) Transit Center
GraysHarbor504. Gray's Harbor County Route #50 leaves Ocean Shores Chance-a-la-mer Beach Approach (across from Shilo Inn) for Hoquiam/Aberdeen (ca. 6:40AM)
GraysHarbor405. Gray's Harbor East County Route #40 approaches Aberdeen Transit Center Stand #7
GraysHarbor406. Gray's Harbor East County Route #40 boards passengers
InterCity620XIn7. terCity Route #620X at Olympia Transit Center

Puget Sound to Pacific Coast Transit Connections

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Clatsop County Transit - Sunset Empire

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10 April 2003