dbmdelete - delete nodes from a dbm file


dbmdelete [ options ] dbmfile key(s)


dbmdelete deletes one or more nodes, as specified by key(s), from the dbm file dbmfile.

There are a few options:

Hardway: search the database for all keys apparently matching the key specified. (There can be multiple matching keys if, as far as the dbm file is concerned, they differ in ways such as the presence or absence of a trailing `\0' character, or characters following a \0 character, differences which are otherwise invisible, e.g. when considering the keys as C strings.)
Append a null character (`\0') to each key before looking it up in the dbm file.
Don't complain if key to be deleted isn't found.
Verbose: print a message for each node deleted.
Print program's version number.
-?, -help
Print a brief usage summary / help message.


This documentation corresponds to version 2.3 of the dbmtools package.

See http://www.eskimo.com/~scs/src/#dbmtools for possible updates.


dbmstore, dbmfetch, dbmdump, dbmutil
dbm(3), ndbm(3), gdbm(3)


Steve Summit, scs@eskimo.com