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Welcome to the deadrose's darkness.

Who am I, you say?

I am an old.goth, 41 to be exact, of a female persuasion. I have 3 children, none of whom will ever pass as "normals", each in their own interesting way. I am generally not a club person any more, though I have many interesting tales of days gone by when the term Goth was still to come. Nowadays I am far more likely to be found curled in my room with a good goth tape on, a few candles, and a lovely book to read. Or, of course, reading alt.gothic.

Another place you're likely to find me is on the rapidly-growing mailing list known as seattle.gothic. I was one of the original 12 members when it started, and have been there ever since.

The best thing about the list, IMHO, is the wonderful person who runs it. He's my best friend, my partner, and much, much more. I could babble endlessly about him, but you'd be likely to sic the Cute Police on me, so I'll simply show you his photo, and you can go check out his page, if you like. And he *has* been voted Beautiful Goth Boy of the Week.

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A small story.

Here's one view of the meaning of Goth: 

The Autumn Cemetery Text, Second Edition, Revised

by September

Tina the Troubled Teen

I've assembled a few links here for your delectation.

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