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This page is WOEFULLY out of date and may or may not reflect my current state of being. Complete revamp coming this summer.

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I am Heidi Weispfenning, AKA Seonag, AKA the deadrose.

What is it you want to know about me? There's a lot to know, and these pages can only make the merest scratch on the surface. So much has changed for me in the past year that I barely know where to start...but try one of these:

Who am I? I'm a goth...

I'm fascinated by ancient Celtic culture, and until recently, considered myself a Celtic pagan.

Now I've become a Christian (long story), and am exploring traditional and Celtic Christianity.

Or you could just go to my online photo album.

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My kids have their own webpages now. Okay, well, two do. The other one will arrive soon. They all want you to know that these photos are grossly out of date and will be updated shortly.

The Drunken Dragon CyberZ74's Extreme Zone

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