SWIFT ASSET MANAGEMENT, INC. manages the assets created over the 50 year career of John "Dave" Swift: (1945 photo).

John Swift was an Army Signal Corps radio operator with the 81st Infantry Division. His letters home speak of setting up "another radio station on some god forsaken hill." Here is a photo of one of those hills (very large file): Americans on Peleliu photo.

If you recognize the pennant (stick figure person wig-wagging between the zig-zag designs) we can identify this group of soldiers. (closeup.)

Our primary asset is the Marvin Road Water Company, founded in 1963.

Our office hours are 9am to 1pm, Monday-Thursday, 9-12 on Friday. The telephone is 360.491.1920. If you leave a message, be sure to leave us your account number, name and phone number, so we can return your calls. Direct emergency calls to the Washington Water Service, our SMA, Toll-free (877) 408-4060. They are equiped to handle emergencies. Please do not contact them about billing or service issues.

Click here to mail questions or comments: swiftasset@gmail.com

After Hours payment dropoffs? Office Location: Office Location.

We will have a public forum to discuss our proposed Water Use Efficiency measures at the Lacey Community Center on June 24th at 3:30pm. A letter will be included with your June billing. Public Forum Notice.

Here is PDF of slides presented at the Forum. Forum Slides.

Here are 2011 the WUE (Water Use Efficiency) reports: Hawk Acres. Hawk Acres WUE.
Horsfal. Horsfal WUE.
Ridgewood. Ridgewood WUE.

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