NeXT not so Frequently Asked Questions

This is where I am currently collecting answers to not so frequently asked questions about NeXT "Black" hardware. Please note that I am not the source of this information.

Q: Is there any way to reset a hung NeXT machine, other than pulling the power cord?
A: Yes. Use the key sequence Cmd-LeftAlt-Num* where Num* is the asterisk key on the numeric keypad (Use LeftCmd on non-ADB machines).
Q: My NeXT Dimension system fails to boot successfully when the color monitor is connected. The following output is displayed (OS 4.2):
    NeXTdimension Board in Slot 2:
         ROM Version 43, Memory Controller step 1, i860 step C.1
         16 Mbytes of DRAM intalled, NTSC video configured
    callout_dispatch(28, 0x40518ec, 298295296)
    callout_dispatch(28, 0x40518ec, 298295296)
    callout_dispatch(28, 0x40518ec, 298295296)
What's wrong?
A: One cause of this problem is the incorrect installation of the SIMMs on the board. At least 4 SIMMs must be installed. If only 4 SIMMs are installed, they must occupy the first four slots nearest to the edge of the board (which is the opposite of what you would expect, given the way the slots are oriented).

Another cause may be a device driver mismatch with the kernel. Search the Google archives in for more information.

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