Heat like a Bin Fan.

want some bizcits and gravy for that storm your a-brewin. clown? there is one thing i learned while staring at the hole in the ground is that there is more than one. But it doesnt matter, i have never been too prone to disillusion. Even though ma told me that this hole was the one and only special orifice. what the hell does it mean? that we are out of control and sinking submarines with every gun we can find? I cant find an apostrophe any where. my spelling teacher must evah stolen them. I lost grip on this cocaine car taht goes mach one with a filet mignon. and the appetites are despairiaging the marriage vows we came to desecrate, with some crates of moldy lemons. pie and blankets are food enough for girl scouts. the training cant last much longer before the old shank breaks loose and lets all the school girls loose into the men pen. and when this happens there will be boys and girls all over the place looking into space only to find that there is too much mating going on. and since nobody likes to be left out, no one will be looking for the significance and not even the loners can keep their concentration when there are naked bodies dancing like reincarnated hippies. it will be sad to everyone when the loose meat sandwiches fall from the sky like locusts and this time it wont be because of Moses. and it wont be because the Mafia ate too many crab legs. it might just be due to the increasing heat we feel these days. We cant even wear pats of butter for shoes anymore, like grandpa used to do. these days i am wearing cookies for shoes, sliced ham for underwear, footballs for something or another and i am losing steam like a clock gettting ready for the workers to leave work and watching that sombithc wtih an evil eye. cockamaymee eye. the clocks will fall to the wall like a poetic movie sequence. like magnolia. like saying how beautiful a magnolia can be. like pods and peas and everything that nature creates, not the things man has. everything that man creates looks all fucked up and shoveled. and covered with anti-perspirant and lube and frickin petroleum. what and who gave the orders? Who decided to take charge and end up with society? the hoover dam. the space shuttle, the internet, i'll be damned. meet me at the sphinx and i will give you a free ride to the equinox.

. . .