boys will be Lloyds.

I heard a cold meat sandwich got ran over by a hot cheese aldrich. i saw on the news that Ally Mc Beal got a grant from Ronald Mc Donald. i saw SEAL on the tonight show with Jay Leno, aka MR. FRITO LAY, a.k.a: LENO, JAY. Crathgew told me he is going to enroll in the institute of cosmetology. Arbys has five roast beefs for five dollars. cheesy fries and coke are extra. ink pens are quickly replacing pencils. scribbling is out of control, the erasers are out of work. everybody is just writing and scribbling instead of erasing. computers are forming a strike in the year 2090. Arnold Swartznegger and Jesse Jackson clones will be called in, to settle the dispute. plans of plans. all kinds of jobs are available to people with no skills. all they need do is arrive and stay and perform a demoralizing duty. sounds of cash are everywhere. cha-ching! Did you hear it? i missed it. I am on the dole. my 401K ran in the New york marathon. i ran in the bell tower festival 5K run, nobody got excited though. 401Ks are all over the place running races of planned greed on easy streets.

the last senator wont save the day for Briggs and Stratton engines. and angina is a comical sounding condition. and virginia is a convoluted is a convoluted world. so many band aids, so many cut feet. the yellow dye of wounds beacons to me that, i dont want to heal. from the way everything sounds i may be out of biznez someday soon. then what will i be? a retiree? i have been retiring from so many crazy things lately that i think i will be getting an early pension from social security. and if I start making pot roasts on sundays with potatoes and peas and carrots, well shit. I wont know what to think. soon the tire swings of my youth are going to move on to where the action is.....In Cambodia.or Yuma or Minnesota or Scranton, Iowa. or maybe you should just wire my hands so i cant type. or write with dem pencils and pens.

Steamed broccoli...oh not on broccoli....oh not on cauliflower! Sen Say

. . .