I think i had an easter basket, i think i had an ant farm. doestn matter much now, me being deblossomed and all. but still ants and easter baskets are something to which a mind can always cling to. like a terrible commercial jingle or maybe a shiney rock (dont want to exclude the cave-man) We can cross genders and borders, but still be a prisoner to the almighty psyche. What alas may seem as power and freedom or self empowerment, may just be fate allowing you to have a good day. letting good things cross your path, putting the breeze at your back. What does a twig mean to a branch? Is it a loss when even a single leaf is lost from a strong and burley tree? We could even be poetic enough to say that when leaves drop in the "fall" that this is the tree crying in lieu of the upcoming winter that will cause him to be a still life. cryogized to do the role that mother earth hath borne. We really could make a mountain out of a mole hill. Just you watch. I read between the lines...entrepreneurial bastard, looking for a way out. clever huh? clever. clever. clever. I suppose my stomach will groan in a half hour from the lack of food. that is a timed response. on and on i can go like this. Prozac where are you?

oh about the time my water bowl dried up i had finished the beef jerky. and about the time my hands came clean it was time to go back to work again.....not to eat. And about the time i got my fly down i had peed my pants. and by the time i made a frame the picture had faded to infinity. and by the time i make extra time.....i will have already lost it by doing activity that is that much more inefficient. these are nothing but words. and i hear a voice right now while i am typing this that makes me want to shiver.... nails. blackboard. i shudder to think. i shudder like and englishman looking at a Ford Focus. yeah yeah yeah. so what makes everything so bright and sunny? It is nothing but pure MOOD. and of course that point is moot. Jim Dandy

. . .