Notes From a Diary of a Diatribe

Part Coma and Hamburger Helper:

A Plan On Societal Formulation of A Conspicuous Society Wherein The Lack of Body Motion, Mental Staganacy and Endeavors In The Mundane Are The Ultimate Goal.

So with part coma and hamburger helper we ought to be able to get this society transformed. However we will need a few more parts to add to our list besides the coma and hamburger helper. In fact maybe we should call the mission "coma and hamburger helper" as this is the result we are seeking. Some things we will need to accomplish this mission: nonsensical sitcom for wide band broadcast, couch and recliner, salty snacks, sugary snack cakes, 100g of sodium EDTA borilian phosphate, tylenol or regular asprin, Nyquil, alcohol, marijuana, extra value meals, playboy magazine, VCR and pornos, clean sheets and bed, bedpan, wheelchair, nurse, medication, airplanes, vacations for two, contraceptives, itineraries, bunk philosophical theories, established religions, martyrs, heroes, losers, middle class, regular joes, kings and queens, lust, gluttony, complexes of all kind, venereal disease, wars, fighting of all kinds, greed, moronocy, intelligence, perceived worth, automobiles, MECHANICS, BIZNEZ, communism-capitalism hybrid economic system, phone machine, fax machine, communications of all kinds, plastic surgery, slim fast plans, low self esteem, debauchery, ant farms, fat farms, hog farms, sex farms, prozac prescribed at birth, christmas morning everyday, no wait for gratification, advertisements, advertisements for christmas in july. beer at 6.2%, yeah you fill in the blanks...nah nah nah..nah nah nah. yeah.

Just tell me if i should stop cause as you know and i fear...that could go on for ever rambling like a washing machine. sometimes i think it is the high concentration of acid in my stomach that pushes me to progress. that and those terrible dreams i have at times. and at the times i realize it is not a dream or a lean cuisine and it is at these times that life frightens me. You mean this is my existence? What am i doing with a fridge full of pears? you mean to tell me i own an economy size box of Tide laundery detergent? you mean to tell me that i know how to make meatloaf and bizkits and gravy?!!!!!! that i can make music with a frying pan? that i have a girlfriend,wife, fiance, and spatially arranged derivative finances? that i have leased a new automobile, that i spend two hours watching tv everyday? that i set an alarm clock for my wake five out of seven days of the week? that i am a working commuter, that i eat rushed breakfasts, that i have responsibilities, that i am looking for meaning instead of it looking for me? that i am involved in class struggles and standing by the "working man"? that i rebuke the rich for no good reason other than to say they "suck and are stuffy and phony", that it is possible to enlarge peni and breasts with manmade products-plastics. that i sometimes eat "value meals", that i sometimes do stuff based on efficiency, that i am socially liberal and economically conservative, that i vote for Ralph Nader even when i love bush? nothing beats bush! oh i dont what to think of all this. i thought that i was a unique individual. i thought that i was going to make a difference or make some kind of impact. but now i see that making an impact doesnt count. an impact cant be made due to the fact that everything must remain in equilibrium. having an impact means to cause entropy because change is being made. things must remain in equilibrium. atleast that is what ive been told. i only have an elementary knowledge of physics so maybe i should just be quiet and stop confusing myself with verbal gradeur. I think i am a grade A Moron.

. . .