The Divine Jim Caviezel

As the Christ-like moral centre of The Thin Red Line, Jim Caviezel gives a brilliant performance by making his character Witt a divine yet believable figure.

Although Witt is Jim's first lead role, he blows away every other actor he appears with. How? By telling us the whole story with one look from his large, expressive eyes.


Jim modeling a tank top in Rolling Stone
Jim modeling no top at all (woohoo!) in US magazine
Uh oh? Did you have too much to drink at the Vanity Fair party, Jimbo?
Jim has his shirt collar unbuttoned! *thunk*
Jim at the Grizzly Bear Film Festival in Berlin, or whatever it's called--details, details, we're talking about Jim!
A travesty of high school justice! Jim was not named Best Male Hottie!
Jim in Frequency: somehow it pleases me to see someone I like drunk. But only if they use a designated driver!
Always the centre of the attention--the ham radio
Jim looks at a computer
Jim and the star of the show--the ham radio
Frequency star Dennis Quaid gets chummy with Jim--things that make you go hmmm?
It's Jim! No, it's 1950s star Montgomery Clift
Clift's twin Jim

Date of birth: September 26, 1968
Hometown: Conway, Washington
Current residence: Sherman Oaks, California
Height: 6 feet 2
Weight: 185
Marital status: married to Kerri (formerly Browitt) for three years, a former basketball star from Roslyn, Washington (where the television series Northern Exposure was filmed) who is now a high school English-literature teacher.
Obsessive-compulsive detail noticed by Jim's no. 1 fan (Guess Who): he is left-handed
Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord
Passion: basketball
Why he said he isn't a smart guy in interviews: he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder in 1994 and also has dyslexia

Jim's contact information
Want to send fan mail, requests for autographs and applications to be in his personal harem to Jim? You can write to him via his agent:
Jim Caviezel
c/o Pamela Cole
United Talent Agency
9560 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2400

Jim's films

Name of film Frequency (due out April 28, 2000), dir. Gregory Hoblit
Film rating
Character played Homicide detective John Sullivan
How adorable is Jim here? Oddly muted in contrast to co-stars Dennis Quaid and Andre Braugher. On the plus side, he does wear black leather (jacket, sadly).
Best Jim line None, they're all lame

Name of film Any Given Sunday (1999), dir. Oliver Stone
Character played Tom D'Amato, son of Tony D'Amato (Al Pacino), but was cut from the film

Name of film Ride with the Devil (1999), dir. Ang Lee
Character played Black John

Name of film The Thin Red Line (1998), dir. Terrence Malick
Film rating
Character played Private Robert Witt
How adorable is Jim here? Mrrowwrr! And he's very spiritual too! Yup. Uh-huh. You betcha.
Best Jim line See the Witt lines at the Thin Red Line Quotes page!

Name of film G.I. Jane (1997), dir. Ridley Scott
Film rating 1/2 (for Demi Moore's transformation into phallic woman)
Character played Navy Seal Slovnik
How adorable is Jim here? Even Jim's portrayal of Slovnik as a sexual harasser who is, deep down, really afraid of cooties isn't enough to win me over. That and the shaven head.
Best Jim line None

Name of film Ed (1996), dir. Bill Couturie
Film rating
Character played Dizzy Anderson
How adorable is Jim here? Is cut from the second half of this Matt LeBlanc vehicle, so he doesn't much of a chance to make an impression. But he appears bare-chested AND scrubs his armpits in the shower scene. "What a great sportsman!" declares my friend and movie critic Claudia
Best Jim line
He winks at LeBlanc, but it's not what you think--the real romance in this children's film is between LeBlanc and the mechanical baseball playing monkey

Name of film The Rock (1996), dir. Michael Bay
Film rating 1/2 star (skip this turkey! If you're really curious, fast-forward to the 2:00:00 mark--Jim makes his appearance from then on)
Character played Rear F-18 pilot (he wears the helmet with the little skull and crossbones)
How adorable is Jim here? He gives a thumbs up as he sits in his little F-18 jet and at a critical point, he pulls off his mask while in the plane and the sun glints off his cheekbones... man, those are sharp!
Best Jim line "We are 500 feet from the target"--okay, not his best, but it's pretty much his only one.

Name of film A Good Day to Die/Children of the Dust (TV) (1995), dir. David Greene
Film rating 1/2
Character played Dexter
How adorable is Jim here? He plays the cowardly brother of the main character, Rachel, and is so full of Oedipal rage that his entire family becomes a target for his anger. 19th century nerd Dexter wears a bowler hat and wire-rimmed glasses. However, Jim has a cute scene (sans hat) where his character is drunk at a party. And at one point, he eats dinner! (It pleases me to see people I like eating.)
Best Jim line "Do as your husband says!"

Name of film Wyatt Earp (1994), dir. Lawrence Kasdan
Film rating
Character played Warren Earp, Wyatt's baby brother
How adorable is Jim here? As one of Wyatt's youngest brothers, he is the film's moral centre and the counterpart to Wyatt's decline into amoralism in this revisionist Western. Not coincidentally, this is the part that got him the audition for The Thin Red Line.
Best Jim line "I wanna be there. If something bad happens, I can help." Oh, that's from The Thin Red Line? Well he says pretty much the same thing here.

Name of film Diggstown (1992), dir. Michael Ritchie
Film rating
Character played Billy Hargrove
How adorable is Jim here? He does take his shirt off for the boxing scene with Louis Gossett Jr. However, his character's a redneck idiot, who shouts a racial slur at Louis Gosset Jr. who then spanks his ass. Oh to be Mr. Gossett Jr.'s hand during this scene!
Best Jim line Upon seeing Oliver Platt's full-size 3500 series truck: "I'd give my d*** for a truck like this!"

Name of film My Own Private Idaho (1991)
Film rating
Character played Airline clerk
How adorable is Jim here? He has the biggest grin in his first role in a film as the ticket clerk who sells tickets to River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves. And he does this while wearing a blazer and tie! There's nothing like a man in a polyester uniform.
Best Jim line
I memorised them. Both.
"You have any luggage?"
"Have a nice flight!"

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