Full Length Releases

Between The Eyes (SubPop) 1989

Producer: Jack Endino and Steve Fisk
Bass Player: Tommy Bonehead (like Kevin Whitworth, an ex-Crisis Party bassist)
Good Point: A truly brilliant debut
Bad Point: A record, (or records) which kept getting released in various forms over a two-year period.

These seminal recordings, featuring the original Love Battery lineup, first produced a single (Between The Eyes/Easter), then an Australian 10-inch vinyl EP, then a European CD/cassette release. Finally Sub Pop beefed it to an album length with the addition of three bonus tracks from the DayGlo sessions. Ron on the unusual Endino/Fisk collaboration: "I think we just had Steve Fisk come in there to help us with a couple of the mixes. We wanted Steve's wacky wizardry in there. It ended up being really fun and trippy."

Day Glo (SubPop) 1991

Producer: Conrad Uno (with John Auer)
Bass Player: Jim Tillman (formerly of the U-Men)
Good Point: A great recording experience, Ed Fotheringham artwork.
Bad Point: None

This record sounds best on headphones. Produced on Egg Studio's eight-track board, DayGlo is hardly high fidelity work, admits Jason... "and we were consciously noisy at the time." Ron recalls, "It was a wonderful experience working with Conrad Uno and John Auer." Kevin: "It's great when you can listen to a record after years and go, 'Wow, that's cool'." Collector's Note: There is a four-song European vinyl EP out there somewhere featuring two tracks from DayGlo, one song from the late-version Between The Eyes, and a Troggs cover never released elsewhere.

Far Gone (SubPop) 1993

Producer: Michael Beinhorn
Bass Player: Bruce Fairweather (ex-Green River, Mother Love Bone, Blind Horse)
Good Point: Great songs and a big-time producer
Bad Point: Ran out of money before we were able to mix it.

Fantastic hanging out in New York City for a month, as well as distracting to the recording process. If Far Gone goes out of print, we hope to remix the tracks and re-release it. Kevin: 'Those songs are diamonds in the rough."

Straight Freak Ticket (Atlas) 1995

Producer: Bruce Calder
Bass Player: Same as last record
Good Point: This was our first chance to expand musically and creatively in the studio.
Bad Point: Hmmm.......still thinking of an answer........

MP Music Previews has a review of Straight Freak Ticket and you can listen to a couple of the tracks.
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EP's and Singles
Between the Eyes b/w Easter (SubPop) 1989

Foot b/w Mr. Soul

Nehru Jacket EP(Atlas) 1994

Producer: Bruce Calder
Bass Player: Same as last record
Good Point: Ed Fotheringham cover art
Bad Point: Only four songs

Nehru Jacket was meant as a preview of the upcoming
Straight Freak Ticket release, but on whatever level, it works.


The Grunge Years
(SubPop SP112a)

"Between The Eyes"
  Milk For Pussy
(Mad Queen Records)

"Break the Chain"
Another Damned
Seattle Compilation
(DBHG Records)

"I Just Can't Be
Happy Today"

yes, that's Dan on the cover, look closely...
  We're All Normal
and We Want Our Freedom:
A Tribute to Arthur Lee and Love
(Alias Records)

"No Matter What
You Do"

K-Tel Hits of the 70's
(Pravda Records)

"White Bird"

Home Alive
(Epic Records)

"Color Blind"

    Bite Back!
Live at the Croc
(PopLlama Records)

"Out of Focus"

The Sub Pop recordings can be ordered from the SubPop Mail Order Catalogue

You should be able to find the Atlas(Polydor) recordings at any record store. If you can't, send e-mail to PolyGram and tell them to send someone out to the stores to restock.

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