There was never any doubt about just who was at the center of this vacation extravaganza! Below is the "birthday princess" who arranged it all, surrounded by many of the phrases we all came to know and love during the meticulous planning that made it all come off without a hitch.


"Everything in red is mandatory" "As long as this is flashing,
I'm the boss!"
"There will be a test!"
"Now take all the papers out of the left pocket of your packets"

"Put those papers back into the right pocket -- we're not there yet!"

The birthday princess on her throne "You weren't paying attention"

"Now let me see... it's going to be at Goofy's Kitchen, now what character might that be?"

"There are RULES you know!" "I hope everyone has
read their book!"
"Ruthie, don't lose your pass."


As the planner/coordinator/boss/goddess, Shirley's unofficial title among the ranks kept changing throughout the trip:

The Mouse Representative
The Mouse Captain
The Mouse Master
The Mouse Queen
The Mouse Tsar

Basically, the rest of us just did what we were told, and no one got hurt!


Everyone enjoyed the mandatory breakfast at the Storytellers Cafe
(even if we did have to get up early....)


Joanne and Ruthie have a visitor during the mandatory dinner at Goofy's Kitchen


Of course, Minnie had to pose with the birthday girl, too!


Dave, Joanne and Jon try to be "practically perfect" by keeping
their pinkys in the air during the mandatory Mary Poppins tea


The whole gang played dress-up with Mary Poppins, too!


Another requirement was mandatory participation in Shirley's haiku contest.
We were allowed to write on three topics: Birthday, Christmas, or Disney.
Here are a few of our better samples:

Birthday vacation
Disneyland -- get up early!
Why can't we sleep in?
Birthdays, years, aches, pains
Bodies must show their aging
But not our spirits
(This one is titled "Autopia")
My sweet Lord, oh my
Oh, hurry Shirley, hurry
fix the seatbelt now
Hippos we arrived
Rode them all and left reborn
As Tigers we leave
You are old, so old
Not a baby anymore
But still a whiner
Happy merry fun
Twisting, turning, screaming rides
Stomach rolling 'round


Poor Mary Ann lost her voice during the trip!
Unfortunately, er, thankfully she was the only Ulrey so afflicted...


But it was all worth it.
The dazzling Christmastime facade at
it's a small world made us all feel like kids again!


Thanks for including us, Shirley.
We had a great time!



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