Acquisitions Unlimited

Alchemy: The Secret Art
Christine Morgan
Acquisitions Unlimited, a shop
        This shop is best located in a large city with a thriving
wizard's guild, in a part of town frequented by adventurers. It can be
an excellent opportunity for adventurers. They can hire on as part-
time Acquirers, dispose of unusual items, make a bit of cash by
donating blood or other body parts, and utilize the bulletin board in
addition to shopping for those hard-to-find ingredients and gifts for
the wizard who has everything.
        Along the street are an armorer, blade-sharpener, enameler,
leather goods store, mapmaker, scribe/linguist, dried foods
merchant, lamp and candle store, pawn shop, travel outfitter, three
taverns, etc.
        Security: There is a Sense Life item above the door, always
on and limited to "Thieves that stole something from this shop." It is
also linked to a Daze spell and a Sound of an alarm bell. There are
no windows except the bedroom ones on the third floor.
        Acquisitions is a large brick building, three stories tall. The
bottom floor consists of a large open room filled with shelves and
cabinets, a back office, and a back room for private chats. A bulletin
board is on one wall. There is a flight of wooden stairs going up, with
a sign reading More Rooms Upstairs.
        Other painted wooden signs are posted around the display
                Ask About Our Guide Services
                We Buy Exotic Items
                We Specialize In The Unusual
                Wizard's Guild Cards Welcomed
        There are also some sheets of parchment tacked over
various shelves:
                Buy One, Get One Free, This Shelf Only
                Ten Percent Off All Blood
                Celebrate The Elvish New Year
                Special Today: Mermaid Scales
        Things hanging from ceiling and mounted on walls:
                1. Narwhal skull
                2. Stuffed two-headed eagle
                3. Human-sized flying harness
                4. Slice of ancient polished redwood
                5. Plaque with chimera's heads
                6. White tiger's pelt
                7. Phoenix wing
                8. Wicker dragon
                9. Mummy case, open, occupied
                10. Ribcage of sea serpent
        Things in display cases:
                1. Collection of primitive luck figures
                2. Miniature stained glass window
                3. Six unicorn horns, varying
                4. Twelve sapphires shaped like panthers
                5. Pot with snake/bird design
                6. Petrified wood, three pieces
                7. Seven pieces amber with things in them
                8. Intricate jade egg, 2' high
                9. Jawbones of sharks
                10. Headdress, ancient island kingdom
                11. Seashell tea set
                12. Giantess' thimble and ring
                13. Pinned butterflies
                14. Scrap of dwarvish mail
                15. Elven memory crystal
                16. Beach in a globe
                17. Cyclops skull
                18. Gems of the World marble collection
                19. Spoon and knife, primitive ogre craftsmanship
                20. Silver mask of woman's face
                21. Abacus made from vertebrae
                22. Primitive religious figurines
                23. Collection of sword hilts
                24. Tree/dollhouse
                25. Fur, tooth, claw of Great Beast
                26. Coin collection, complete
                27. Several geodes
                28. Cursing-dolls, four
                29. Emerald-hilted knife
                30. Painted plates, religious scenes
        Special Shelf: all ten signed original manuscripts of
Pridakat's Guide to Monsters, bound in dark brown leather with gold
and ivory trim. Volumes 1-10 (Orcs and Goblins, Shapeshifters,
Undead, Man-Beasts, Dragons, Plant-Beasts, Giants and Ogres,
Subterraneans, Sea Dwellers, and Demons)
        Shelf categories, main room downstairs:
                1. Blood
                2. Bones
                3. Scales
                4. Fur/Hair
                5. Teeth
                6. Claws
                7. Wings
                8. Skin
                9. Organs
                10. Eyes
                11. Saliva
                12. Other Fluids
                13. Venom
                14. Feathers
                15. Membranes
                16. Tails
                17. Ears
                18. Brains
        Shelf categories, Room 1 upstairs:
                19. Gems
                20. Metals
                21. Earths
        Shelf categories, Room 2 upstairs:
                22. Herbs
                23. Flowers
                24. Roots
                25. Leaves
                26. Pollens/Spores
                27. Fungus
        Shelf categories, Room 3 upstairs:
                28. Oils
                29. Essences
                30. Miscellaneous
        Room 4 upstairs:
                31. Bones, whole
                32. Pelts, whole
                33. Unborn, preserved in jars
        Room 5 upstairs: Storage, uncatalogued.
        Room 6 upstairs: Office, private conference room.
        3rd floor:
                Treasury -- no windows, heavy door, locked.
                Living areas -- ten small and one large bedroom.
The Staff:
        Helveticus -- owner, retired adventurer. Older man, tattoo of
dragon on left forearm and phoenix on right bicep, has jade insets in
holes drilled in the fronts of his teeth, wears star sapphire earring.
        Selmorius -- apprentice clerk, teenage. Shy, handsome. Has
a crush on Florellia.
        Quarellius -- clerk, accountant. Tall, thin, gangly.
        Borindal -- former gladiator, convicted to arena for thievery,
won his freedom. Acquirer. Large muscular man with a bald head
and bristling beard.
        Hector Paulson -- former sailor, well-traveled. Acquirer.
Short, stocky, chews kanda root.
        Farbelledonius  -- journeyman wizard. Acquirer. Somewhat
vain, favors a sparse goatee.
        Florellia  -- Quarellius' sister, works as the maid. Proper,
wears a veil, lovely dark eyes.
        Pridakat Monsterwriter -- author of Pridakat's Guide to
Monsters vols. 1-10, currently working on vol. 11 (Elementals); not an
Acquirer but often tags along for research purposes.
        Taren of the West Woods -- young human, in love with a
dryad, campaigning for the ethical treatment of plants and animals.
Weilds a rowanwood staff with deadly effectiveness. Considered a bit
of a kook and a pest by the staff.
Bulletin Board:
        1. For Sale: Bolkanavian spitting roach, tame. Contact
Pavarius the Weaver.
        2. Do you have a story to tell? Varcius the Scribe will write
your adventures in heirloom quality handsome script.
        3. Models needed. Young artist seeks non-humans for class
study. Will pay reasonable rate. Ask for Octavius at the Silver
        4. Petition -- Legalize Kanda Root! (about thirty names on
        5. We Buy Used Weapons! Jofaricus the Armorer. Good
prices, no questions asked.
        6. Have you seen this dog? Gelfius, son of Zanicarius the
Assassin, offers 1 weight reward for the return of a purebred silkdog,
black with white and brown markings, red collar. Answers to Bumbler.
(includes sketch of small longhaired dog)
        7. Career Opportunities Now Available in the King's National
Guard -- advancement to Jackal a definite possibility. Interested
young men sign up at local guard stations.
        8. Elixirs by Quentius, alchemy at affordable prices, 12
Jasper Court, next to Sweets by Felicia.
        9. Support the Greens at the Races!
        10. Demure young lady of good family needs respectable
gainfully-employed husband. Talk to Esmilius the Astrologer
regarding his sister.

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