Becca's Game Illustrations
These were drawn while she sat in on some of our RPG sessions; the game in question features all elven PCs and is set in the same world as the MageLore and ElfLore novels.

She calls these:
"The Bad Things That Happened to Tavelorn, Rae, and Karandis."

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Tavelorn critically fails his Climbing roll while scaling the Deathstone

Rae gets abducted by a cousin of the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Karandis attacked by Bwun, a skull-chomping lizard monster

Tavelorn takes another header, this time at the Whirlpool of Death

Rae is standing just a little too close to a dwarf whose belt of grenades gets blown up

Karandis is pushed out of a high window by a spiteful elfmaid, and cracks his skull

Tavelorn catches fire after opening a magically-trapped book

Rae's worst fear: getting grabbed by sneaky mages using Walk Through Earth

Karandis' arch-enemy, Zanyssa Feyna, blasts him with a lightning bolt from her flying carriage

Tavelorn gets electrocuted by the dreaded "Zappy Eels" of Stone's Deep

Rae wearing lingerie in a coffin ... this is what happens when the GM borrows a scenario from a book by Richard Laymon!

Another picture of the same Bwun incident

Rae levitating to get away from King Croc

They were warned not to say the name of the ancient dragon lord "Shizrak" three times ... they were warned ...

Rae's grandfather, the assassin, is caught and executed in Hachland

Karandis takes on the crew of the Geroshan Orc pirate ship, the Devil Eye

Rae levitates again, but this time a lusty dwarf looks up her dress

While getting a massage, Karandis is stabbed in the back by the elf-hating human towel boy

Rae swims in a sacred spring of Saint Rubia, the dwarven goddess of art and beauty, and grows long curling sideburns

Drawings 2004 by Becca Morgan