I have taken exactly one art class in my entire life -- as a sophomore in high school, half my life ago. My main strength and talent is as a writer. Please bear that in mind as you view the drawings I've (against all good sense) posted here. "Don't quit your day job, kid!" 

So, here are some of my attempts at drawing characters from my fanfic. Comments are welcome, I suppose ... 

Joy (Hudson's love; Something Old, Something New) 
Jericho (Angela's brother; Mother's Day) 
Elektra (crossbreed; A Noble Indiscretion) 
Angus (foundling egg; Lost and Found) 
Aiden and Birdie (transformed into gargoyles; Double Date) 
Godiva (Love Machine) 
Crimson (Hudson's rookery sister; Something Old, Something New) 
Ruth and Malachi (Avalon Clan; Angela's Awakening) 
The White Gargoyle (Elektra's mother; A Noble Indescretion) 
Gossamer (Titania's messenger; Romances) 
Janine and Moray (Future Imperfect)
Tom and Dee (Mutate kids)
Richard Mosswell and Squid Clan Gargoyle (The Horror of Innsbrook)
Broadway and Elektra (Lead Me Not ...)
Aiden and Lexington (Xantasia)
Demona and Jericho (The Pure and the Profane)
Dissident Avalon Gargoyles (Broadway Goes to Avalon)
Goliath learns to read (Breeding Season flashback)
Draga, of the London Clan (Menagerie)
Amber as an adult (Lyre, Lyre)
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