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Recent Screenshots (updated July 2006):

Special Agent Blink takes a beating courtesy of the Council

Special Agent Botts admires the effect of knockback and forcefield walls on Freaks

Penguin Lad shows off his scarf

... and his tuxedo!

Penguin Lass gloats over the fallen Longbow Barbie

Penguin Lass, in her schoolgirl uniform, hangs with the bad boys in Calystix's cave

Dame Raven in her second costume, the dark assassin

Dame Raven in her third costume, going for the goddess look

Dame Raven briefly joining forces with Barracuda

Dame Raven feels very much at home in the VG base

Mama Bear, setting out to kick some butt with Baby Bear riding shotgun

Mama Bear, invisible, sneaks up on another Longbow Barbie

In Croatoa, Earendil and team confront the Pumpkin King

... and Sally!

Earendil, God of Thunder!

Clockworks on Parade!

Sabine D'Argent hangin' with the Circle

Sabine D'Argent with her giant clobbering-stick

Dame Raven contemplates the daunting job of keeping a mostly-Mastermind team alive