Demon Whispers

Christine Morgan

Author's Note: for mature readers only, please; this is a pointless, plotless escapade full of foul
language, twisted sex, and no redeeming value whatsoever, whose only purpose is to titillate. Yowza.
The characters of Gargoyles are of course used without their creators knowledge or consent.

"...a dream, or a prophecy?" -- Puck, Future Tense.

     Don't bother struggling, Hunter. I'm better with knots than you are.
     Though by the look of your playmate on the bed, you're not bad with knots yourself. The blindfold
is a nice touch. And the gag, absolutely. I don't blame you. I detest that woman's voice.
     Look at how she struggles! She's lifting her whole body off of the mattress. Hmm, and what's this?
Not a real blonde, I see. Tsk, tsk, Ms.Yale.
     Well, it does look like you two were getting ready to have some fun. Our surprise appearance must
be all the more annoying. Nice timing on our part. Though, really, I expected to find you asleep. Still,
this is almost as good. Better, even.
     Here you are, Hunter, naked and vulnerable and tied to a chair. Just look at how that pathetic pale
little worm between your legs is trying to crawl back home. Shriveled right up once you saw me, didn't it?
     Where did I read that? Cosmopolitan? That the average male erection is 6.5 inches? Something like that.
Well, console yourself, Hunter -- Cosmo also said it isn't the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean.
     Then again, I wouldn't be too excited about setting out to sea in a canoe ...
     You're not very brave without your mask, are you? Was that a whimper I heard? Or a whine of
protest? You think I'm being unfair about the size of your endowment? Hah! To my eyes ... wait, it's
better if I just show you.
     Jericho, come here. Yes, I'm sure the area is secure. The room is nicely soundproofed, too. It seems
our friends here use this place for all manner of naughty games. I've seen dungeons with fewer devices.
And never a dungeon with gymnastics rings suspended over the bed ...
     There, Hunter, look at that. Now, that is a male organ.
     Oh, you haven't been properly introduced. This is my son, Jericho.
     Yes, my son.
     Does it bother you to see me touching him like this? It doesn't bother him. Look at his expression.
Content as a cat by the fire, but that smolder of lust in his eyes ... and look how readily he comes erect.
     I know what you're thinking. Yes. It's true. The most vile epithet you humans can hurl, and my son
wears it as a badge of honor.
     Oh, he is devoted to me, aren't you, Jericho? He'd do anything I asked. He'd do murder for me,
and more. And has. He obeys my every command, fulfills my every desire.
     There, now, look at that. Nearly as long as your forearm, isn't it?
    And as hard. Now do you understand why your feeble endowment was only worthy of my amused scorn?
     I do believe that if your playmate doesn't calm down, she's going to give herself a heart attack. Not to
mention rope burns on her wrists and ankles.
    She's trying to get that blindfold off. I wonder ... maybe she wants to see what we're talking about.
     I think we'll just leave that blindfold on. It'll only heighten her apprehension if she can't see what's going
to happen.
     What do you think is going to happen? Do you think we broke into your home in the dead of night
to sell you Avon? I've come to kill you, Hunter, and if you hadn't been involved in your kinky little game,
you'd be dead already.
     But after all the torment you and your family have caused me, I think I'd enjoy seeing you suffer a
while. You wouldn't want this generations-long crusade to be over in one simple violent moment, now,
would you?
     And given how we found you, I'm just brimming with ideas ...
     I see that look. You'd rather die than have me touch you, wouldn't you? You're close to vomiting just
from the thought. The prospect of my skin, my nude blue gargoyle skin, coming into contact with that
fleshy pinkness of yours just makes you cringe in horror. You wouldn't want to feel these pressed
against your chest, would you? Or these wrapped around your waist?
     Yes, Jericho darling, I know you would. Settle down, my son. The fun's just beginning.
     Oh ... ooh ... okay, you can do that for a while.
     Doesn't he have marvelous hands, Hunter? Look how they knead my breasts. So strong, yet at the same
time so loving.
    Ah ... yes ... and the way he runs his tongue down the joining of my wings ...
     Jericho, enough, you're making it hard for me to concentrate.
     Yes, darling, I know you love making it hard for me ... and I love making it soft for you. But business first.
     What was that, Hunter? Was that a twitch in your nether regions?
    Perhaps you're not as unaffected as you'd have me believe. Do you like watching us? Does it turn you
on? Our inhuman bodies, our demonic forms, writhing against each other?
     Jericho, I know what you're going to do with that tail. Control yourself, my pet. Here, let me ... yes,
you like it when I take the tip of it in my mouth, don't you?
     No, I don't suppose I do need my loincloth ... I wouldn't want to be the only one in the room who
was overdressed. Carefully, though, don't tear it this time.
     Are you getting a good view, Hunter? I notice you keep squirming in your chair.
     Your playmate is working herself into quite a panic. Her imagination must be driving her crazy. I bet
she'd love to see what was going on. I bet you had her all wet and ready, as it looked like you were
just about to climb on board for a ride when we arrived. She must be getting pretty slick and hot by now.
     Go check, Jericho.
     Did you see how she jumped? And he hasn't even touched her yet!
     Carefully, Hunter, you're going to tip your chair over. It won't do any good to try and break free. I
just told him to check. That's all. What did you think I was going to have him do?
     Of course, if I did tell him, he would. Wouldn't you, Jericho?
     You see, Hunter? Anything for me. Humans don't arouse him, but he understands, as I do, that
sometimes it's not about sex but about power. If I wanted him to, he would spread her thighs and shove
his thick blue cock to the hilt in her.
     Do I?
     Let me think about that for a moment. Is she hot?
     She's shaking like a leaf in a high wind. Terror, do you suppose, or something else? Maybe the
prospect of feeling Jericho's weight crushing down on her, his massive battering ram attacking her
innermost defenses, maybe that's getting her excited.
     She's hot? I thought as much. Gently, now, son. Just probe gently with your fingers.
     What abut you, Hunter? Getting excited?
     Don't shake your head at me. A man's body never lies. There's part of you that likes it very much.
    This part.
     Hmm, yes, that's about six inches.
     Didn't I tell you to be careful? You almost did tip the chair, and if you smack your head against the
wall any harder, you'll pass out. Or was that your intent? Seeking refuge in unconsciousness? I'm afraid
you're not getting out of this that easily.
     After all, it's not as if I hurt you. I could, you know. I could sink my claws into that wrinkled little
sack down there. But all I did was touch you. Give you an experimental squeeze. And judging by the
way your hips bucked, it wasn't all that objectionable.
     See? I'll do it again ...
     You're shuddering. Don't turn your head away. Look at the contrast in the hues of our skin.
     Oh, is that it? You're trying to ignore me, pretend it's not happening?
     Fair enough. I'll let go. I'd much rather have you watch what Jericho's going to do.
     Go ahead, son, pinch her nipples. Judging by the array of clamps and toys there on the nightstand,
she must like it. Not too hard, though. Let's not draw any blood.
     What do you think of that, Hunter? Look at how he tenderly mauls her breasts. Look at the way his
scarlet hair brushes against the tautness of her belly as he dips his head to flick his tongue into that damp,
warm nest.
     Did you see her back arch?
     Are those tears coming from beneath the blindfold? You've brought her to tears already, Jericho. Or
maybe it's her own body's betrayal that makes her cry. Because she wants it.
     Ms. Margot Yale, most outspoken public opponent of the gargoyles.
    Could that be her, fighting a war with herself, wanting to feel that inhuman meat sliding deep inside of
her, nearly splitting her? Oh, she hates it, she loves it.
     Part her legs wide, Jericho.
     You're breathing awfully fast, Hunter. And am I mistaken, or is that a tiny bead of arousal gleaming
in your "third eye"?
     I don't think I'm mistaken. I think you're as eager for it as she is.
    You can't wait to see him thrust all the way in. You can't wait to see him make her come again and again.
     Wouldn't that be the worst of it? Not just getting fucked by a gargoyle, but having it be the best fuck
of her life? She'd never be able to forget it. Neither would you.
     Would you be able to touch her again, Hunter? Ever? Or would the two of you be tainted forever by
the memory? Could you sink into the same soft dampness that Jericho had explored, knowing that his
explorations had been even further than yours? Knowing that he had stretched her, filled her, touched parts
of her that you could never reach?
     Oh, don't think that. Don't think that she could never, never possibly enjoy it. Look at her. The woman's
thighs are quivering with need, her hips are rolling like waves on the shore. She hates it too, I'm sure. Hates
Jericho, hates me, hates gargoyles a thousand times more than she ever did before, but that doesn't change
the fact that she is desperate for a fuck. If that gag wasn't shutting her mouth, she'd be alternately cursing us
and begging for it.
     What about you, Hunter? You've been cursing us. Ready to beg for it?
     So proud. So stubborn.
     How about I just sit on your lap for a while and we can have a good view of the festivities? Let me just ...
there ... how's that? Is my tail inconveniencing you? No more, I'm sure, than the throbbing little thing poking
me in the hip is inconveniencing me.
     You can rub against me if you like. Or, if you'd rather, I could turn your chair sideways. Then I could sit
facing you, and we'd still be able to see them. Yes, let's try that.
     Lick her, Jericho. Yes, that's the way. Hold her rump ... look, Hunter, look at the way his claws indent
her plump buttocks. Look at how she flings her head back and forth! Gag or no gag, I do believe she's
    And what's this? Why, if your cock had legs of its own, it would run right over here and bury itself in
me. Don't even try to deny it; it's bobbing like a dowsing rod. You'd love to plunge it all the way home,
wouldn't you? You'd love it if I scooted forward just enough to let you.
     That's the beauty of this ... your Ms. Yale might later be able to say that she was made to do this against
her will, and could even deny that she enjoyed it. Nobody would believe her, but she could at least make
that claim.
     You, on the other hand ... well, now, everyone knows it's nearly impossible for a female to take an
unwilling male.
    Of course, if you want to be forced, we could do some of both. Think of it, Hunter. I could fall to
my back and pull you with me, entrap you with my thighs and wings, and then, while you were fucking
for all you were worth, I could clasp those firm ass-cheeks of yours and hold them apart while Jericho
knelt behind you.
     Imagine that.
     He could enter you, while you were inside me. And then the force of his thrusts would drive
you into me all the more powerfully. You'd be caught between us, completely surrounded in gargoyle flesh.
     How does that sound, Hunter?
     Oh, he would. Anything for me. Isn't he magnificent?
     Of course, it might kill you ... the fragile tissues back there really aren't made for the kind of punishment
you'd get from Jericho. He's so big ... so wonderfully big. A woman's channel might stretch to allow it; after
all, children pass through there. But your bowels would at best bleed, at worst rupture. Because I have the
feeling that he wouldn't be very careful to control himself. He'd want to hurt you.
     And if he killed you, well ... that is why we're here ...
     I can't tell which scares you more.
     Hah ... maybe it would be best to make sure you do survive, so that you would always have to live
with the horrible shame. The degradation and humiliation. Because we'd all know, all four of us, how
much you loved it. Could you look yourself in the mirror ever again, my dear Hunter?
     Centuries ago, I gave the first of your kind a scarred face, and it destroyed his life while it meant
nothing to me. To leave you with a scarred soul would be much the same ...
     What, Jericho? Oh, is she? How close?
     And she's still trying to resist?
     Idiotic woman.
     As if she has any say in the matter at this point.
     Fasten your mouth to her, Jericho. Be relentless. I know how well you use your lips and tongue. Show
her no mercy.
     Look at that, Hunter! Look at her!
     Oh, yes, there she goes.
     Hold tight, Jericho. Prolong it.
     Listen to her sobbing through that gag! See how her hands clench and unclench in their bonds, her toes
curl, her muscles flex. Oh, it's raging through her now.
     Have you ever made her come that hard, Hunter?
     Now, Jericho, before she can recover!
     Did you see how he snapped those ropes at her ankles? What strength! And there ... yes, there ... oh,
look at him! He's got it in her, Hunter, he's fucking her! Look how wide her legs are splayed! Look how
she hoists her ass to him!
     Yes, Jericho! Be rough with her!
     You're moaning, Hunter ... and I don't think it's with dismay. I think your swollen cock is pleading for
attention. Ready to go off like a rocket. If I just stroked you, just a bit ...
     But I won't.
     Unless you ask me to.
     Is she, Jericho? Again? What about you?
     If you want.
     What would you think of that, Hunter? Should he come in her? Or should he douse her face and breasts
with it? According to human videotapes, your kind like that. All over her face.
     Or should he save it for you?
     So many choices ...
     Here, Jericho, let me kneel behind you. Give me your tail. You know what to do. Ah, yes, that's the way.
Poor Hunter, left over there all alone while we take up the whole bed.
     Don't stop. Keep at her, and I'll caress your wing joints. And you ... ooh, that's right, you've got such a
wonderful tail!
     Yes, I've decided. Come in her. Flood her with it.
     Ohhh ... yes ...
     And then ... ohh ... and then if the mighty Hunter wishes to soothe his aching loins, he can ... mmmm ...
have her next, find her passageway well-drenched, mingle his seed with yours ... aaaahhhh!
     Yes, yes, yes! Do it!
     Ohhhhhh .....
     Oh, Jericho. Such a beast. My devoted, precious beast.
     I think she fainted. I'm not surprised.
     And you scratched her up a bit too ... her skin is too soft for claws like yours. But you performed
impressively, my son. I'm sure Ms. Yale will never be the same.
     What about you, Hunter? Straining at your bonds, stiff as a poker.
     There are so many things we could do to you.
     But I think ... I think we'll leave you just like that.
     This time ...

  *  *

The End.