A word of explanation by the author: these stories are set in my game-world, which I have been developing since the early 1980's. The premier deity of that world is Dorian, Goddess of Life.  Much of Dorianism is drawn from Jean M. Auel's "Earth's Children" series.  These stories are dedicated to Tim, Kim, and Dave. 

Many place names andother parts of this game, and consequently these stories, were taken from other sources. Pandathaway was the name of a city in "Guardians of the Flame," Delain was the kingdom in Stephen King's "Eyes of the Dragon," the lion-god Aslan is named after the one in Narnia, etc. I borrowed a lot in those days ; ) 

Some of these stories are for mature readers only, please. 

Song of the Wolf

A young human, raised by elves, sets out to prove himself against the dreaded Spider Sorceress.

The Birthday Present

Harry's cousin Howie takes him our a'wenching. Mature readers only.

Lady of the Golden Bow

All the Western Barony is anticipating the Baron's Tournament, none more than Dame Jaenyth Maran. Inspired by the module Harkwood, by Steve Jackson Games 

One Night in Pandathaway

Harold Ethelbald is a married man and a father-to-be, but he cannot resist an innocent, lovely half-demoness. Mature readers only. 


When the gods decree she is to bear a child, she makes Belden an offer he cannot refuse. Mature readers only. 


Belden and Jaenyth, after their transformation into elves by Ariel, pay a visit to her ancestral home. Mature readers only. 

Daddy's Little Girl

Lillith Ethelbald is the most alluring woman in heaven, earth, or hell itself. And she's got her eye on her father, Harry. Mature readers only. 

A Wolf to the Hunt

An older, though not necessarily wiser, Belden Kaylaros goes on a revenge spree against the assassins who've threatened his family. 

Fire and Blood

The companion tale to A Wolf to the Hunt, in which Wildfire's fury is unleashed. 

Spring Break

Harry is trapped in prep school, bored and unable to stop thinking about girls. Mature readers only.
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