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Most of the writing here is by Christine and is here for your enjoyment.  Much (although not all) of it is of an adult nature and these are noted in the description.  Anyone reading any of these stories is assumed to be at least 18 years old, and not the sort of person to be offended by a little sex or violence.  Anyone proceeding past this point agrees not to read any of the stories marked "Mature Readers only" if they are easy offended or under 18. 
All of the Fan Fiction includes names, places and characters which are trademarks and have been copyrighted by other people.  The publishing here of these stories is not meant to be a challenge to those trademarks and copyrights.  They are printed here because of our love for and the enjoyment that those characters have given us, and we can't stand to see them sit idlely by and not have more exciting adventures.

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