The Morgans' Summer Vacation 2006 Photo Album

Due to a variety of reasons, such as being too busy to even think about taking pictures, there's not much here this time around. Sorry! 
But if you have an online album of the con, drop me a line at! I'd be happy to put up a list of links!

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It's hard to see, but this is the 100-foot welded steel staircase we descended into the cavern.


You have to imagine it straight and not tilted, but this is a 2-story-high rock formation ... by candlelight in the pitch black, it looks like some cthonian monster looming out of the dark!

Thursday night in the con suite ... Greg W. basking in the glory of his lofty place as the Gargmaster! With Tim, Karine, Greg B. and Kyt. And lots of t-shirts.

After the face-painting, here's Becca as an orc, Fox as ... well, as a fox! With Greg B. in the background of the Dealer's Room.

Keith David and family, in the Dealer's Room.

Seth at the mall ... we almost couldn't get him out of the kiddy-car!


The Corn Goddess rather dubious about her new bling, as Kyt and Seth look on.

An offering later mailed to the Corn Goddess.

Why is Seth in almost all of these pictures? Anyway, this Gorebash and Seth and Tony at the Dead Dog Party. If you can't guess, you probably don't wanna know ...

Here's the one sketch from Illuminati Quest I was able to keep! Even if I had to pry it away from my own daughter. A fierce gargoyle, by Kyt.

My very own original smoldering-sexy Strongbow, courtesy of Wendy Pini!

The "Box Award" transformed into Dart!

Matt, Amanda, Mom, Tim, me, Becca, Heather, Alyssa and Dylan at the Pirate Dinner Adventure. Note the surly-teenager look that Becca has perfected!

Matt and Amanda get friendly with Treasure and Captain Sebastian!

Alyssa, Heather and Dylan with the captain and his wench!

Amy gave me this picture of Jayden.