Pic 1 of the whole collection (from 1998)
Pic 2 of the whole collection (from 1999)

Updated January 1, 2000

Animation Cel -- Goliath (click to see photo)

Animation Cel -- Goliath and Elisa from "Eye of the Beholder" (click to see photo)

Action figures (all sealed): 

Elisa Maza 
Xanatos, Series 1 
Xanatos, Series 2 
Steel Clan robot 
Ice Storm Brooklyn 
Demona (international version) 
Coldstone (Hardwired) 
Claw Climber Goliath 
Deluxe Wingblast Goliath
Deluze Electronic Goliath


Deluxe Colorforms set, sealed 
Deluxe Colorforms set, open 
Boxed figurine set, sealed 
Boxed figurine set, open (missing Goliath) 
Viewmaster and set of reels, open
15-inch Goliath 
Castle Wyvern playset, open 
Goliath yo-yo, sealed
Puzzle Cube, sealed 
Puzzle Cube, open 
Night-Striker Vehicle, sealed
Kite, open

Applause figures: 



Baseball cap 
Adult's T-shirt with Goliath 
Child's shirt with Goliath 
Child's Goliath shorts pajamas 
Children's shoes, very worn 
Child's Medium Goliath Halloween costume x2 (one open)
Disney T-shirt for G2K
Denim shirt with embroidery
Child's footed sleepers


Board game, sealed
12-piece Goliath puzzle, sealed 
12-piece Goliath puzzle, open 
25-piece Goliath puzzle, sealed
70-piece glittery puzzle, Brooklyn on bike, sealed
70-piece glittery puzzle, clan, sealed
200-piece puzzle, Goliath, sealed
200-piece puzzle, clan, sealed
200-piece puzzle, Demona and Goliath (glued and mounted)
Puzz-3D Aerie Building, sealed 
"Night Flight" handheld electronic game, sealed
Stone Warriors Battle Cards Game, open 
Playing cards, sealed
Pogs, 2 unopened pack, 2 opened packs 
Sega/Genesis Game Guide book 
Sega/Genesis game cartridge, sealed
Audio cassette game, sealed
"Toss" game, sealed

Burger King Kid's Meal toys: 

Stone spinner toy (in package) 
Viewmaster toy (in package) 
Color change Broadway 
Temperature-sensitive cup
Bronx shooting toy 
Pop-up book (slightly mangled) 
Halloweeen treat bucket 
Spark spinner Goliath (in package)
Brooklyn kaliedoscope
Broadway spinning launcher (in package)


"Meet the Characters" book 
"A Big Color/Activity Book" 
Paint n' Marker Book 
Golden Book -- Gargoyles 
Golden Book -- Gargoyles: Deadly Doubles 
"Look and Find" book 
Comic books 1-10
Disney Yearbook 1996 -- "The Surprise Party" story 
TV Guide comic "Be Afraid of the Dark," Oct. 1996 
"Disney Adventures" magazine -- Dec. 96 and Jan. 97,  comicbook 2-parter 
     ("Lines of Alleigance") 
Mini-catalog of neat stuff 
Book and Stamp Set 
Paperback 1 -- Stone Warriors Rule 
Paperback 2 -- Demona's Revenge 
TOON Magazine vol.1 no.5, Fall 1994, cover story Gargoyles 
"Defenders of the Night" book 
1996 Calendar
"Bible" by Greg Weisman

Desk/art supplies: 

3x5 memo pad with Brooklyn on cover 
3x5 memo pad with Goliath on cover 
Pencils (packaged set of 3) 
Erasers (packaged set of 2) 
Study Kit (packaged pencil pouch, eraser, sharpener, and ruler) 
Pencils with figure tops -- Goliath, Broadway, Brooklyn, Lexington
Pencils with eraser tops -- Goliath, Broadway, Brooklyn, Lexington 
50-page notebook with Goliath on cover 
50-page notebook with whole clan on cover 
Rubber Stamp Kit, sealed
Character stamp kit, sealed
Bookmarks -- "Above the Street," "Goliath," "Defender of the Night," 
     "Tough Dog," "Stone Warriors," and "Only the Night can Set them Free." 
Postcards x4 
Magnetic notepad, sealed 
Plastic pencil box
Keeper (packaged cardboard cigar box of school supplies) 
Night Defenders Adventure Set (packaged rubber stamps, crayons, stickers) 
3-D paint-by-number, sealed 
3-D crayon-by-number, sealed 
Doodle Bag, sealed
Fun with Stickers, sealed 
Magic Cling Valentines, sealed 
Goliath backpack -- painted
Goliath backpack -- hologram
Backpack / wallet / fanny pack set (in package)
Binder with paper and folder 
Puzzle sticker set, sealed 
Sticker Book starter pack, sealed 
"Designer Desk" set, sealed
Watercolor tin box, sealed
Figure head stampers -- Goliath, Broadway, Brooklyn, Lexington
Loose stickers


Coffee mug -- characters 
Coffee mug -- logo 
Character mugs -- Lexington, Brooklyn, Broadway, Goliath 
Plastic bowl and matching cup
Child's flatware (in box) 
Blue clear plastic cup
Glitter/water plastic cup
Straws -- Goliath, Lexington, Brooklyn, Broadway
Lunchbox (soft-sided) 
Lunchbox (hard-sided)
Can of Franco-American pasta with Goliath on the label 
"Party for 8" bagged set of cups, plates, napkins, tablecloth 
Spare paper cups
Lexington party favors (in package)
Broadway party hats
Candles -- Goliath, logo; sealed 
Character candle holders; sealed


Goliath bubble bath bottle
Winged Warrior Glycerine Bath Bar, sealed
"Night Defenders" Locker Bag (packaged brush, toothbrush, tissue, etc.) 

Clocks and Watches:

Wristwatch, Goliath band 
Wristwatch, flip-top Goliath (broken)
Wristwatch boxed set with 3 bands -- Goliath, Broadway, Brooklyn 
Bronx clock (in box)


Gargoyles The Movie "The Heroes Awaken" video, sealed
Gargoyles: Der Film (in German), sealed
The Hunted tape, sealed


Keychains -- Lexington, Brooklyn, Broadway 
Stone Warrior Clippety Clock, sealed
Suction cup "danglers" -- Goliath, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway (in boxes)
Ornaments -- Xanatos, Elisa, Goliath, Bronx, Lexington 
Sm. ceramic figurines -- Goliath, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Hudson,
     Bronx, Demona, Elisa, Xanatos, and logo
Goliath magnet 
Goliath clip-on 
Temporary Tattoos, sealed 
Goliath bank, in box
Trading Cards -- all of Series 1 and 2 (except the Static Glows 2, 3, 4, and 5)
Other trading cards -- DS4 (Brooklyn), DS 2 (Lexington), F7 (Elisa), 
     S1 (promotional), and Skybox redemption
Vinyl play tent 
Sleeping bag
Creepy Crawlers mold kit Set 1 (Goliath, Demona, Xanatos), sealed 
Creepy Crawlers mold kit Set 2 (Goliath, Brooklyn, Lex, Broadway), sealed 
2 packs different Static Window Cling stickers (sealed)
Window Cling stickers (open)
Pin -- movie promo
Pin -- video game promo

Unofficial items: 

All episodes on videotape (Seasons 1, 2, and TGC) 
Barbie dressed like Elisa 
Imitation Barbie dressed like Fox 
2 decks of Gargoyles / Magic: The Gathering cards (made by Tim Morgan) 
2' long purple plastic egg with rookery mottlings 
Puffball Clan -- Goliath, Hudson, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Demona, Bronx 
Fairlane model car 
Gathering 1997 T-shirt 
Gathering 1998 T-shirt
Gathering 1999 promotional T-shirt 
Gathering 1999 T-shirt
Christine's Una costume 
Becca's Lexington costume 
Jericho button 
G99 poster set
Crayloa art-foam Lexington
Jericho action figure
Window decals (by Coyote the Bando)
Aiden and Birdie paper dolls (by Jessie Feff)
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