Language Spells

by Tim Morgan and Richard LeDuc (1988)

Change Script  -  Regular

Through the use of this spell, the caster is able to change the handwriting of one page, to the handwriting of another script known to the caster. An example of this, would be for a Language Mage to write out a letter, then cast Change Script on it, to change his handwriting into that of Mayor. Note that is takes at least one week and several documents to learn someone else's script. Encryption  -  Regular

When this spell is cast, it transforms a written page such that it can only be read by a cretain individual or group of individuals. All others looking at the page will see a meaningless series of garbled lines. Once read by someone it is keyed to, the garbled lines become legible.

Item: When a mage casts this spell at double cost, the page becomes attuned to the first person to write upon it. When he is finished, the page encrypts and can be read by anyone whose name the writer states while writing the document.

Decryption  -  Regular

This spell allows a mage to read an encrypted message that wasn't meant to be read by him. The message resists with the protecting spell's (Encryption or Mage Seal) skill level.

Magic Paper  -  Regular

This spell is used to increase the area of a piece of paper. When cast, it magically creates different surfaces which are accessed by turning the page over in different directions. Thus, when holding the page and turning it over to the right, you will get a different surface than if you had turned it over ot the left, or top, or bottom.

Mage Writing  -  Regular

This spell, when cast upon a page of text, alters it such that only mages may read the writing. The spell is cast at three different levels. At the first level, all mages can read the text. At the second, only mages with two levels of magical aptitude or more may read the page. Likewise, when cast at the third level, one must have Magery 3 to read the text.

Mage Seal  -  Regular

This spell allows a mage to place a unique and unalterable mark onto a document, thus acting as a magical signature. Any page thus enchanted will have a resistance roll equal to the caster's skill in Mage Seal in addition to any normal resistance rolls. For example, a page that has an Encrypt spell and a Mage Seal is intercepted by another mage who casts a Decrypt spell on it. The Mage Seal resists first, and if it fails, the Decrypt gets a chance to resist. The caster can remove the seal at any time, but may not temporarily interupt the spell to allow spells to be cast upon it.

Invisible Script  -  Regular

This spell is similar to Mage Writing, in that it creates a script readable only to a select audience. In this case, only those who can See Invisible will be able to read the script. To everyone else, the page appears blank. Also, at the time of casting, the caster can set conditions that , when they occur, the script becomes visible. For example, the caster could specify "when the rays of the full moon touch the paper" or "when Fred the mage trys to read this." Item: A page can be made so that after a given condition is no longer present, the writing will become invisible again. Energy cost to create: 20 per page.

Detect Written Lies  -  Regular

Upon casting this spell, the caster will know whether or not the author of the subject page wrote something that he knew was untrue. The caster may also select a specific sentense as the subject. Note that this spell will be resisted by a page protected by a Mage Seal. Item: Any lens. Always on. When script is read through the lens, lies will become obvious to the reader. Energy cost to create: 2,000.

Seek Author  -  Information

This spell tells the caster the name or title of the true author or authors of a document. Note that this spell will not give the name of the person who took a dictation, it gives the name of the person who authored the document. Also, this spell is only resisted by Mage Seal, if there is one, and gives no information about the whereabouts of the author.

Sketch  -  Regular

This spell is cast upon a writing implement. A point of view is then specified. The implement will then magically sketch the scene from that point of view with an Art skill equal the caster's Sketch level. The point of view must be from the same location as the writing implement. The scene is drawn as it was the instant the spell is cast, although the sketching will take longer. This spell will allow a pen to dip itself in an inkwell or similar object if needed. Item: (a) Cast on a pencil or other expendable implement. No cost to activate. Energy cost to create: 50. (b) Cast on a pen or other refilable item. No cost to activate. Energy cost to create: 500.

Paint  -  Regular

Similar to Sketch, but creating a color painting of a scene when cast upon a brush. The paints must be supplied by the caster. The skill level of painting is that of the caster Paint skill, but the style (eg. impressionist, etc.) may be dictated by the caster. Item: A paint brush, which will at no cost, paint a scene on command from paint supplied by the user, but always in the same style, specified during creation. Energy cost to create: 1,000.

3-D Drawing  -  Regular

This spell, when cast upon an existing drawing or painting, will cause it to bee seen in three dimensions. The image on the picture will seem to come forward into the space in front of it, thus presenting a scene in three dimensions. This will allow viewer to look behind items and see things not in the original picture. Item: A picture. Always on. Energy cost to create: 50 per square foot.

Illuminate  -  Regular

This spell allows the caster to illuminate one page. Illumination is the artwork taht is on the border of text. The content of the illumination is not up to the caster, it is determined by the content of the text it surrounds. The skill level of the illumination is equal to the caster's skill level. Variants will exist in each culture that will do whatever is necessary to make documents presentable. Like the Paint spell, materials must be present for the spell to consume.

Map  -  Regular

This spell is cast upon a writing implement. The implement is then placed upon a person. For the duration of the spell, the implement will be magically recording everything withing eyesight of its host as he travels. At the end of the spell, the implement will then, when placed upon a writing surface, draw map of the area travelled. Note that the map will be of a scale so as to perfectly fit on the page provided. Prerequisites: (a) Cast on a pencil or other expendible implement. No cost to user once created. Energy cost to create: 150. (b) Cast on a pen or other refillable item. No cost to user once created. Energy cost to create: 450.

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