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Archmage of the Universe, by Christine Morgan

The evil minotaur mage Solarrin has risen to power in Thanis. With the Highlord under his sway and the nobles living in fear of him, and the elven and dwarven ambassadors already falling under his spell, he has no cause for concern. Nothing could threaten his dominanance ... unless by chance, his former companions haven't simply fled in their terror of his might.

As it happens, they haven't ... they've gone off in search of the only one whose magic surpasses Solarrin's own, the Archmage Talus Yor. But the biggest problem now facing Arien Mirida, Cat Sabledrake, and their friends is this -- bringing Talus Yor back from the dead.

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Dark of the Elvenwood, by Christine Morgan

Elven mage Arien Mirida was living what should have been the perfect life. Lord High Librarian of Thanis, 
sharing a home with the lovely Alinora, friend and student of the Archmage Talus Yor, the curse that had plagued his family finally broken . . . yes, all should have been well. 

Yet a shadow lingers over Arien's heart, a shadow in the shape of a young thief and the memory of a love impossible to forget. When adventure calls and brings with it the promise of a reunion with Cat Sabledrake, Arien is quick to accept the dangerous quest and his life will never be the same . . .

On sale now:  $11.95

Curse of the Shadow Beasts, by Christine Morgan

Enter a world of magic, adventure, and romance.  A world of noble elves, powerful wizards, and clever thieves.  A world where a ruined castle beckons the curious, an ancient curse plagues the innocent, and  love is not only forbidden . . . it may be punished by death. 

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Order the entire set of three for only $30.00

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Within the United States, shipping is done by US Priority Mail.  Shipping costs are:
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Foreign shipping is  $7.00 for one copy, $10.00 for two, and $12.00 for three. 

Also available -- Black Roses sample chapter on tape -- only $1.75 for shipping in the U.S.


Washington State residents must pay sales tax of 8.6% on all orders.  Tax is charged on both books and shipping.  If you are unsure of how to figure tax, please e-mail us at sabledrake@sabledrake.com.

Payment Methods:

We can accept payments in a number of ways:
Check or money order: Please send payment to our address below along with the important information.
VISA or Mastercard directly through us: You can call or e-mail us with your credit card.  E-mailing is not recommended as it is not secure.  For US residents, Paypal is highly recommended for credit card transactions.
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With all orders, please include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and the names of anyone to which the books should be personalized. 

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