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A Matter of Pride -- Scenes we never saw from the movie The Lion King. Adult content. Mature readers only, please.
Firepelt -- The Lion King. A sequel to "A Matter of Pride." A tale of obsession and revenge in the Pridelands. Mature readers only, please.
My, What a Guy -- Beauty and the Beast. Gaston romps with the triplets. Mature readers only, please.
Hellfire -- Hunchback of Notre Dame. Judge Claude Frollo is tormented by visions of Esmeralda. Mature readers only, please.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Story of Bootstrap Bill -- A book is delivered to the home of Will and Elizabeth Turner. It is a diary. His father's tale, in Bootstrap's own words. His journey from home, his capture into the crew of the Black Pearl and subsequent adventures ... the mutiny, the curse, and what happened after Barbossa had him thrown overboard. PG-13 for violent themes. 
Gargoyles -- many, many stories ... so many they needed their own page!
Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Exchange Student --  “America!” echoed Hermione, aghast. “You must be joking! They’re the Muggliest Muggles of all!” Not only is Hogwarts hosting a new student, but someone is trying to prevent Harry's return to school, and the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is the brother of a former Slytherin student with links to Snape and Harry's parents. 
Harry Potter and the Fifth House -- When a student is Sorted into a House that no one's heard of, an ominous mystery ensues. But distractions -- such as a book of naughty photos, spying on people caught in the act, and realizing he's seeing Hermione in a new way -- might interfere with Harry's ability to figure out what's going on. Adult situations and content; mature eyes only please. 
Babes in the Woods: A Hogwarts Story -- Gryffindor sixth-year Lily Evans and two of her friends have special teacher permission to venture into the Forbidden Forest. But they sure don't have permission for what they do once they're there! Mature eyes only; sexual content. 
Harry Potter and the Slytherin Spy -- Set directly following the events in Order of the Phoenix, and not connected with any pf my previous HP fanfic, this is a lengthy novella that will be posted in weekly chapter installments. Some chapters will contain violence and adult language. 
Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness -- A fanfic parody ... or parody fanfic ... or whatever you'd call it when Hogwarts meets The Colbert Report.
Star Trek / Star Wars
Wa'DIch Ghom  -- Star Trek The Next Generation, Deana Troi and Worf. Adult content, for mature readers only, please.  Night Saber -- Star Wars Episode One. On a desolate prison moon, a young Jedi learns what it is to embrace the Dark Side. Mature readers only, please.
Fully Functional  -- Star Trek The Next Generation. The engineering crew make a woman as a birthday present for Data. Adult content, for mature readers only please. Blood of the Jedi -- Star Wars Episode One.A fate worse than death awaits the victims of the new apprentice to the Lord of the Sith. Mature readers only, please.
Sacrifice -- Star Trek: New Frontier (novels by Peter David) Captain Mackenzie Calhoun is kidnapped along with a mysterious and alluring visitor. Mature readers only, please. Illustration by Jennifer Anderson.
City of Heroes
Incineratrix Ignited! -- An arson investigator on the trail of a super-criminal finds that the trail leads to a science lab ... and her life will never be the same again. A  City of Heroes story. 
Tales of the Black Scorpion -- a pirate captain and his crew are mysteriously transported from their own time to a new and modern world, where they are hailed as heroes. A City of Heroes story.
A Scooby Doo Adventure -- A thoroughly vulgar and disgusting depiction of the gang from the Mystery Machine. The author still cannot understand what possessed her to write such a thing. Mature readers not easily grossed out, please. Iron Chef Pokemon Battle -- A crossover that probably never should have happened, in which Ash tries to earn a badge by challenging Morimoto to a Pokemon battle and gets something quite different than he bargained for. 
"Marvelous! Bravo." -- J. Kovalic.

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