A Parody

*****The following preview has been approved for all audiences*****

(Goliath, voice over) -- Pack Media Studios Presents: A Really Different Kind of Rocky!

(A dark and stormy night, a BMW stalled by the curb.)

Margot -- Good job, Brandon. Now we're out of gas. What good is it having a $60,000 car if you can't shell out ten bucks for gas?

Brandon -- Oh, shut up, Margot. Can't you find a way to blame the rain on me too?

Margot -- Quit whining, Brandon, and think of something!

Brandon -- Didn't we pass a castle a few miles down the road?

Margot -- Are you crazy? That was the Aerie Building!

Brandon -- Maybe they have a phone we could use.

Margot -- Don't tell me your cel phone is dead again!

Brandon -- Look, I'll just go call a tow truck.

Margot -- I'm coming with you. (opens a Sharper Image catalog and puts it over her head as they trot along the sidewalk)

Margot (singing) -- In the murk-orange dimness of a New York night, burning bright, there's a chem lab charred. No matter what oh-or who you aaaarrrrrreee ...

Brandon and Margot (singing) -- There's a fight ...

The Trio (singing, voice over) -- Over at the Xanatos place ...

Brandon and Margot (singing) -- There's a fight ...

The Trio (singing, voice over) -- Bronx tore off Coyote's face ...

Brandon and Margot (singing) -- There's a fi-ii-iight on the rooftops, just eeeh-vry other night.


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