A word of explanation by the author: these stories are set in my game-world, which I have been developing since the early 1980's. The premier deity of that world is Dorian, Goddess of Life.  Much of Dorianism is drawn from Jean M. Auel's "Earth's Children" series.  These stories are dedicated to my husband, Tim, for whom they were written as birthday and anniversary presents.

Mature readers only, please. 


Coming of Age 

Vrushenka would rather be a soldier than a lady, until she and her childhood friend Richard discover what it means to be adults.

The King's Champion 

King David of Orain is dead, and his sworn knight must bear the news to Queen Rowena. 

Winter Princess 

King Ludwig of Tarlak has locked his daughter in the decrepit north tower. Can Richard get to her in time? 
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