Silver Flame
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Christine Morgan

 Do you have:
 A story waiting to be told?
 A character crying out for a past?
 A game needing enhancement?
A romantic milestone deserving the perfect unique gift?
 If so, Silver Flame is the answer!

         Christine Morgan is a popular writer in the Gargoyles fandom, and creator of dozens of other stories both fanfiction and original, known best for her erotica. She is a long-time role-playing gamer whose work has appeared in Pyramid magazine, GURPS Villains, and on the Steve Jackson Games website. She also is the editor of Avalon Mists, a Gargoyles online 'zine on the Gargoyles-Fans site, and co-editor and frequent contributor to Sabledrake Magazine, an online 'zine dedicated to roleplaying games and fantasy/sci-fi fiction.
        Her published work to date consists of the MageLore trilogy and the first in the subsequent ElfLore trilogy from Renaissance Alliance Publishing. She has also written a series of horror novels coming soon to audio book from TimeFare Productions and has a short story in the upcoming anthology The Book of All Flesh.

         Now Christine's talent is available to you, the Silver Flame customer! Let her write your story!


        You provide the information: names, descriptions, histories, settings ... as much detail as possible.
        If your story includes action/combat, nudity/sex, or strong language, please specify how graphic you'd prefer it to be.
        Be aware that Silver Flame specializes in fantasy, magic, and romance. Sci-fi, high-tech, and modern weapons are not the author's area of expertise, but she's always willing to take on a new challenge.

$15.00 -- 1,000 to 1,500 words
  Perfect for the GM: legends, prophetic dreams, visions, near-death experiences, letters, journal entries.
$30.00 -- 2,500 to 3,000 words
$50.00 -- 5,000 to 6,000 words
$80.00 -- 8,000 to 9,000 words
Oldest profession surcharge -- Erotica $5.00 extra (for adults only)

What do you get?
Your story e-mailed to you in .txt, .doc or HTML format
Your story mailed to you in hard copy, laser-printed.
Your story posted in the Silver Flame Archive (optional).

Ordering information:
     Christine Morgan / Sabledrake Enterprises
     P.O. Box 30751
     Seattle, WA  98103

    Make checks payable to Sabledrake Enterprises
    Sorry, no credit card orders!
     Please allow 6-8 weeks for writing and delivery.
     Include an e-mail address or phone number where you can be reached with additional questions about your story or character.

 From our legal department: Stories will not include copyrighted characters, real people, or characters from other fanfiction without permission of the author. Silver Flame reserves the right to decline stories at the author's discrection. All stories remain copyright Christine Morgan and she retains all rights to these stories although the buyer recieves unlimited reprinting rights as long as such reprints are free of charge for readers and Christine Morgan is credited as being the author.

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