Teacher's Pet

by Christine Morgan

          "We have a special lesson today, class."
         Octavia nudged Cordelia. "I told you!" she said. "I did see him!"
         "Shhh!" Cordelia hissed. "The Dora is talking!"
         She cringed as Dora Leonilla paused to let her gaze sweep over the room of rustling and  whispering girls. Instead of the stern wrath Cordelia had come to expect from her teachers, the blond  woman was smiling indulgently.
         "I can't believe it!" Herunia said. "It's too shocking! Too scandalous!"
         "Especially after what happened last year," added Jasmine, eyes wide over her fashionably sheer veil. "I was Antonia's roommate. Who would've expected? But then, we have a saying in my village: it's the quiet mouse that can dance the jolly sailor."
         "Well, we have a saying in mine too," Herunia said. "A muddy porch makes even the finest house shabby. She might as well put on red earrings."
         "You heard what the Dora said," Octavia argued. "She was blessed for it! And she must've enjoyed it! Why, last year, I nearly -"
         "Yes, we saw," Herunia said coldly. "His hands were all over you like a goodwife squeezing melons. And you know the saying: she who lifts her veil will lift her skirts."
         Octavia glared at her. "You haven't learned anything from the Dora, have you? You're still as prudish as a maiden aunt!"
         The Dora clapped her hands sharply, bringing sudden silence. Cordelia settled back in her chair, questions racing through her head. She only had the vaguest idea what the others were talking about, what scandal they meant. Antonia ... the name was familiar ... ah, yes! The Dora's Initiate, no older than the other girls but already the mother of a son, although she was unmarried. Had she been a student? And who was the "him" Octavia had mentioned?
         The door opened, and her last question was answered as the man stepped into the room, ducking his head slightly to avoid hitting the top of the doorway.
         He was the tallest man Cordelia had ever seen, overtopping her own brother's two yards by several inches. Not only was he the tallest, but one of the handsomest! The murmurs from her sister students told her she wasn't wrong in her assessment.
 "This is Rick," Dora Leonilla said. "He is one of Dovermere's landholders and a paladin in the Holy Church. We are fortunate to have him join us for today's class."
        He glanced around the room, smiling. No jade filled his teeth, which were perfectly even and white. Cordelia knew people who would have given their fortunes for teeth such as that. His eyes were a dark and startling green. His hair was thick and black. Tied back with a thong, it hung straight to the center of his back. A subtle difference in his features set him apart from other Rakvians.
         A cream-colored shirt was partly unlaced, showing the smooth dark skin of his chest. His shoulders were broad and his arms looked well-muscled. Snug rust-brown trousers encased long and finely-shaped legs.
         Octavia was breathing more rapidly, her veil fluttering in and out of her open mouth. "This time," she whispered, "I'm going to do more than kiss him!"
         Herunia turned in her chair and gave Tavi a withering look, which she ignored. Jasmine propped her elbow on her desk and her chin in her hand, and sighed, "Me, too!"
         Cordelia frowned, looking at the rest of the class. She was still new to the school, and wondered if her friends were pulling some elaborate prank on her. But most of the other girls had similar looks in their eyes, looks of anticipation or excitement or scandal. Surely the Dora wouldn't be part of a prank, and certainly not a noble paladin!
         As she puzzled, he walked to the front of the room and knelt before the Dora. She touched his shoulders and chest in blessing, then bent to kiss him, first on the brow, then the cheek, and then the lips.
         Cordelia watched in amazement as the kiss went on and on. She had never even seen her own parents kiss, and they were old and stodgy and didn't like each other very much. It was obvious that the handsome paladin and the beautiful Dora were nothing like her parents.
         Without letting his lips leave hers, Rick rose to a standing position and lost his hands in the Dora's fall of honey-blond hair. They seemed oblivious of their audience, as if the watching room of two dozen girls had ceased to exist. Their bodies moved together so that they touched along their entire length, not even keeping the six inches of space required in dancing. The Dora's full bosom pressed against Rick's chest.
         Octavia made a low sound and started fanning herself with the lower edge of her veil. Her chin was showing in the presence of a man, but she didn't seem to notice or mind.
         At last, the Dora stepped back. "In Dorian's name, be welcome," she said.
         "In Dorian's name, I thank you," he replied.
         Dora Leonilla gestured to a chair and he took it, grinning charmingly at the class. Most of the girls  regained enough composure to decently avert their eyes, but Cordelia was shocked to see that some, Octavia  included, met his gaze with boldness.
         The Dora leaned against her desk, looking flushed and premier than ever, even with her foreign  coloring and unladylike definition of muscle. "Today, class, we are going to be discussing the aspects of  physical love, Dorian's Gift to Her favored children. Rick has graciously agreed to assist me in  demonstration."
        Cordelia felt her jaw drop so far that her own chin was in danger of becoming exposed. "You mean you're going to -" was as far as she got before she heard her own voice and realized she was speaking aloud.
         A ripple of laughter, some of it mean-spirited, rolled through the room. The Dora's laugh, however, was kind, as was Rick's. He looked at her, singling her out of the crowd, and she hastily dropped her head in embarrassment.
         "Yes, Cordelia, we are," the Dora said. "It is the custom here that you go ignorant to your marriage bed, more often than not with someone you've had no choice in marrying. I defy that custom. Dorian's Gift of Pleasure is the sweetest sensation our bodies can know. Only by enjoying it can we show Dorian that we appreciate Her Gifts, and inspire Her to bless us with children. No one Should partake of Her Gift in ignorance or surprise. Rich, would you help me with the curtain?"
         As they moved to draw back the curtain that concealed the raised platform behind the desk, Herunia turned again in her seat.
         "My father is going to be furious when he hears they've dared do this again!" she said. "If my tuition weren't paid for the whole term, he would have taken me out of this school last year! "
         "Oh, do shut up," Octavia said. "I'm just glad I wore my silk chemise today!"
         "I didn't wear one at all," Jasmine giggled.
         Cordelia felt her face flame. Never before had she heard anyone discuss their undergarments so openly, not even with the seamstress! And to go without a chemise! Her blush deepened when she looked to the front of the room and saw that the curtain had concealed a large bed, with a Swanshaven feather mattress and piles of cushions.
         "We've already shown you a kiss," the Dora said. "There are many ways to kiss, but in this class we shall be focusing on the passionate kind, the kind you will hopefully experience with your husbands. Now, even among passionate kisses, there are differences. The mouths can be closed and the kiss brief, like so -" she demonstrated "- or the lips can be soft and part slightly -" another example "- or both mouths might be open, permitting tongues to touch."
         "Eew," said a few of the girls, Cordelia among them. It sounded disgusting, but as the Dora melted into Rick's arms and their mouths locked together, it didn't look disgusting.
         "Look at his pants," Octavia whispered. "See the bulge?"
         "That's his -" Cordelia choked. In yesterday's class, the Dora had shown them drawings of  unclothed men. Cordelia had only taken a quick glance, but remembered well enough what she'd seen.
         "He's huge!" Octavia said. "Wait until you see it in the flesh!"
         "Merciful gods!" Cordelia feared she would faint at the very idea.
         Octavia raised her hand. "Dora?"
         "Yes, Octavia?"
         "May we try?"
        Some of the girls gasped, but Cordelia noted that many of them looked eager, as if they'd wanted to  ask the same thing, and those ones flashed Tavi looks of gratitude.
         "Rick, do you object?" the Dora asked.
         "Not at all!" he said.
         Octavia stood up. Cordelia tried to make herself invisible in her chair as Rick approached. Herunia  was watching with stony disapproval.
         "You'll have to get rid of the veil," he said teasingly. "I don't want to kiss a fateful of silk."
         Jasmine leaned closer. "Just have him close his eyes and then lift it aside," she counseled. "That's what we did last year."
 "To the beggars with that!" Octavia said, and before the horrified eyes of her classmates she ripped off her veil and threw back her hood, letting her black curls tumble free around her bare face.
         Rick nodded happily. "That's more like it!"
         He should well be pleased, Cordelia thought. Octavia had skin like Sofa with cream and full, soft lips that would have been the envy of many a Courtesan. She stood proudly, aware of her beauty, in a posture almost arrogant of breast and hip.
         Rick caressed her face, touching her cheek, tracing the line of her jaw, mapping the forbidden territory that should have been covered by her veil. When his finger reached her lips, she pursed them to kiss the tip, then opened them to draw it into her mouth. She gave him the smoking look from beneath lowered lashes that Cordelia knew she practiced in the mirror every night.
         He withdrew his finger slowly, giving Octavia a smoldering look of his own. He moved his hands to the sides of her face, tipping it up, and kissed her long and firmly. "I remember you from last year," he said in a warm voice.
         "Would anyone else like to try?" The Dora looked over her students. "Madenia?"
         "I'd have to stand on my chair," the petite girl giggled. Standing, she was of a height to barely reach the middle of Rick's chest.
         "We can do better than that," he said, crossing the room in a couple of long strides and literally sweeping her off her feet. She squealed and kicked playfully, her skirt flying to show her legs all the way to the knee.
         Now they were eye to eye, though Madenia's slippers dangled several inches off the floor. She unpinned her veil with more care than Tavi, but the moment she was face-stripped she seized Rick by the ears and gave him a loud smack on the lips.
         "Madenia," the Dora scolded gently. "A real kiss."
         "Yes, Dora," Madenia said obediently, and pressed her mouth softly to his, letting her eyes drift shut. His arms tightened around her, then lowered her to the ground. Suddenly demure, she hastily repinned her veil arid dropped into her seat.
         "My turn ! " Jasmina announced, starting to rise.
         Herunia grabbed her by the sash and yanked her back down. "Have you gone moonbeams?"
         Jasmine pulled away. "No. I know what I'm doing."
         She removed her sheer veil and the girls gasped again, for beneath it she wore cosmetics! Most of them wore eyeliner, and the wealthier girls like Herunia sometimes dusted their eyelids with powdered gold, but Jasmina's lips were a dark Courtesan red and her cheekbones were dramatically brought out with the color of roses.
         Rick grinned again and went to her. She rose on tiptoe and twined her arms around his neck, snuggling her body close to his, and kissed him almost as passionately as the Dora had done. It went on almost as long, too. When Jasmina finally released him and caught her breath, the Dora applauded approvingly.
         "Wonderful, Mina!" Tavi cheered, also clapping. "Now it's Cordelia's turn!"
         "What?" Cordelia blurted. "Oh, but I couldn't ..."
         "Of course you can," Tavi urged. "Mine and I did. You don't want to be a cold fish like Herunia, do you?"
         "Octavia," the Dora said, "don't pressure her. I don't want any of you to do more than you're comfortable doing. If Cordelia doesn't want to -"
         "That's all right, Dora," Cordelia heard herself say. "I do want to."
         The next thing she knew, she was standing beside her desk and sneaking a look at the handsome man approaching her. Past him, she could see Tavi and Jasmine beaming encouragement, and past them she could see Herunia's cold glower. She looked away from Herunia and concentrated on keeping herself from trembling. Despite her concentration, her hands shook as she reached up to unpin her veil.
         She faltered with her fingers on the tiny silver clips. She dropped her hands to her sides. "Maybe I can't," she said in a low voice, mortified over making a fool of herself in front of her classmates. The silly goosed new girl, they would say.
         He took her hands. "Don't be afraid, Cordelia. Dorian wouldn't want you to be afraid. If you'd rather, I'll close my eyes and you can just move your veil."
         She'd never been this near a man who wasn't father or brother. His hands were warm, tough with calluses but still gentle. She nodded before she could rethink it, and when his eyes were closed she lifted her veil away. He bent down carefully and she nearly giggled. He was like a small boy playing at blind man's bluff. She could not find him threatening, even if he was large and strong enough to snap her like a twig. They had a saying in her village, after all: an angry silkdog does more harm than a calm warhorse.
         So, still partly unable to believe it, she stretched up on tiptoe as Jasmina had done and hesitantly touched her lips to Rick's.
         He kissed her tenderly, almost protectively, until her trembling was lost in a confusion of languidness and new tension. Of their own accord, her lips parted slightly. His did the same. One of his hands slipped beneath her hood to stroke her hair. She wanted to throw her arms around him and press herself to him as the others had done, but dared not. With her pulse racing in her ears, she drew back and straightened her veil, breathing rapidly and sure she was blushing ruby-red.
         Octavia, who still had not covered her face, whooped in a most unladylike manner and slapped  Cordelia on the shoulder, the way men did when they congratulated each other on especially good business  deals. "I knew you could!" Tavi crowed.
         Cordelia mumbled something and slid gratefully into her seat. Rick paused to smile at her as he  went to the front of the room.
         "Anyone else?" the Dora asked.
         A forest of dainty hands raised, the entire class except Herunia and the painfully modest Nambiria. Most did as Cordelia had done and just moved their veils aside, since few others were as daring as Octavia. Rick moved among them, giving each willing student a kiss that seemed just perfect for her. It was as if he knew exactly what each girl was feeling, and adjusted his response accordingly.
         When he was finished, he returned to the Dora and kissed her again, a long and lingering kiss of passion. With their new inklings of experience, the girls had a much baker idea of what was passing between them, and watched with even more appreciation.
         "Now, then," the Dora said, smoothing back her hair. "Dorian made our bodies so that we could derive pleasure from many things. Having someone stroke our hair, touching fur or silk, the taste of fine food, a warm bath ... many things are pleasurable. Especially our bodies. Our lips, as you have learned. For women, our breasts are also a source of pleasure for both ourselves and our men. We enjoy having them touched, men enjoy touching them."
         "Why?" Letitia asked. "Why do men like them so much?"
         "Partly because it makes the woman feel good," Rick replied. "Partly because they're beautiful and soft, warm, wonderful."
         "All women are different," the Dora said. "We all look different and are shaped differently. Some of us might have large breasts, others small. It may interest you to know that small breasts are often more sensitive. The most sensitive part of the breast is the nipple."
         The Dora's white gown fastened behind her neck and left her arms bare. As she spoke, she undid the clasp and let the upper part fall to her waist, where her gold belt prevented the rest of her gown from following. Her breasts were pale globes like the full moon, tipped with dark pink nipples.
         "Dorian's symbol is a triangle within a circle," the Dora continued, her voice rising to be heard over the muffed exclamations of shock from the students. "The circle represents life itself. The triangle is a symbol of femininity, and one of the interpretations is that the upper two points represent the breasts."
         Rick gazed admiringly at the Dora as she cupped her breasts, lifting them, displaying them. She beckoned to him and he moved behind her, replacing her hands with his own. The contrast between their skin tones, his dark and hers light, only emphasized the differences between them.
        The Dora let her head fall back and her eyes drift shut as Rick caressed her breasts. "The nipples, as you can see," she said, though her breath was becoming ragged, "become tight and erect when stimulated. This can happen when a woman is cold, or in any intense emotional state such as fear or anger, or, most pleasantly, when aroused."
         Rick pinched them gently between thumbs and forefingers, kissing the side of the Dora's neck as he did so. She moaned.
         "I've known a couple of women who can reach climax just from breast stimulation," Rick commented.
         "They must be exceptionally passionate," the Dora said.
         He smiled. "Oh, yes!"
         The Dora took a deep breath, causing her breasts to nearly overflow his hands. "In addition to  caressing," she said, "many men enjoy kissing and sucking at a woman's breasts. And women certainly  enjoy it as well!"
         "Isn't that just for babies?" one of the girls asked.
         Rick, grinning, shook his head as he moved to sit beside the Dora. He leaned over her and she  swept his long hair out of the way so the class could see him lick at one of her taut nipples, then suck it  deeply into his mouth. She sighed and arched her back. He alternated between them, keeping his hands busy  as well, sometimes pushing her breasts together and running his tongue along the crevice between them,  flicking it across both nipples, teasingly acting as if he was about to engulf one then taking the other instead.
         The Dora might have planned to continue her lecture, but could do little more than gasp and moan and hold his head firmly to her body. Her skin, which had been pale, was now flushed with rosy color.
         Cordelia felt as if her eyes were bulging out of her head. She had never imagined that what went on behind married people's closed doors was anything like this! Most of the other girls looked the same, though Tavi and Jasmine had more dreamy, longing expressions.
         Not only that, but she had unexpected tinglings in her own breasts, belly, and thighs. Her nipples were stiff against the sensible linen of her chemise. She shined in her seat, the movement somehow easing yet adding to her strange discomfort.
         Finally, the Dora liked Rick's head and kissed him, then returned her attention to the class. "The interest in upper body does go both ways. How many of you have been admiring Rick's chest?"
         Octavia's hand shot up, followed by Jasmina's. A few tentative others joined them, Cordelia's included. The Dora nodded to him, and Rick stood to strip off his shirt. He pulled the silk up over his head, revealing a flat, muscular abdomen and perfectly sculpted chest, marred only by a faint purplish bruise. His arms were just as impressive as they'd appeared through the fabric.
         The Dora placed one palm against his chest and moved it in a circular motion as she spoke. "As you can see, the man's chest is broader and more solid. Men do not have breasts, although their nipples are sensitive." She rubbed first one and then the other, Rick's expression proving her words true. "Some men, particularly northern ones, might have considerable hair on their chests, and even their arms and backs."
         At that, many of the girls made "eew" sounds again.
         "Do women like that?" Zafellia asked.
         "Some women like men with beards," Jasmina said.
         The Dora nodded. "In Tarlak, where I am from, nearly all men wear beards. The women find it very attractive. Southern men, and elves, do not have as much hair on their faces or bodies. The skin is smooth, like Rick's. You may each touch him if you'd like."
         Rick strode among the desks, the muscles in his chest and arms and back flexing easily. Most of the girls reached eagerly enough to touch him, some just brushing their fingertips, others stroking more surely. When he reached Octavia, she rubbed firmly, then traced her fingernail down his stomach to the waist of his trousers. Then she seized his hands and brought them to her own bosom.
         "Octavia! " Herunia blurted, horrified.
         "It's all right," the Dora said. "Any of you who wish for Rick to touch you may ask him to do so."
         "Oooh," Tavi moaned, throwing her shoulders back and closing her eyes as his large hands cupped, then squeezed her breasts. "Wait, let me undo my gown!"
         "Let me help!" Rick deftly unfastened the long line of pearl buttons that held the front of her gown together. She shrugged out of it, leaving herself in nothing but her chemise. As she'd said, it was silk, pale yellow and as sheer as Jasmina's veil. It clung to her figure. Her nipples poked at the thin silk.
         Rick paused to admire her for a moment, then resumed touching her. She moaned again.
         "Is it nice, Tavi?" Cordelia asked breathlessly.
         "Very! You should try it!"
         "I don't know ..." Tavi looked like she was enjoying herself, and the others were watching with varying degrees of envy. Cordelia knew just by looking at her that eager Jasmine would soon take her turn. She made her decision. "All right, but over my gown."
         Rick turned to her, caught her wrist, and pressed her palm against his chest. She could feel his heart beating beneath the warm skin. He was so close she could even smell him, musky and masculine. He touched her cheek through her veil, then let his fingers slide down over her neck, her shoulder, down, down, along the modest slope of her breast, until he found the stiff nipple.
         He grasped it gently and rolled it between thumb and forefinger. The friction of cloth against sensitive skin was overwhelming. Cordelia gasped in pleasure that verged on pain. As if he knew it was too much for her, he released the nipple and caressed both breasts.
         "I'm next!" Jasmine said, plucking her buttons open. She hadn't been jesting earlier; she wore no chemise at all. Her sash caught her gown at her waist. Her breasts were smaller than the Dora's, but upright and well-shaped, their nipples a dark plum color.
        "It looks wonderful, but I wouldn't dare!" Cordelia whispered back. "Besides, do Rakvian men even do that?"
         "I hope so," Jasmine said.
         "I can barely sit still," Tavi complained. She wriggled in her seat, tugging her chemise up to her hips, and put a hand between her thighs. "Ooh! Mina, try touching that spot! It is pure magic!"
         Jasmine, whose gown still hung open to her waist, undid the rest of the buttons and let it hang from her shoulders like a loose robe. She bent her knee so that one foot rested on the seat of her chair, and peered at her own hairless mound, opening it so that the glistening folds were visible. She covered it with her palm and giggled. "It's so hot!" Then she pressed the first two fingers of one hand onto the little dark red button. Her entire body jerked. "Oh! Oh, Tavi, you're right!"
         Cordelia longed to try it, but just couldn't bring herself to hike up her skirts right in class. Fascinated, she watched her friends, both slouching back in their chairs with their heads thrown back and eyes shut in pure pleasure.
         "Need some help?" Rick asked from right beside Cordelia. It wasn't until he spoke that she realized that the entire class and the Dora were watching Tavi and Jasmine.
         Both opened their eyes, and neither of them looked the least bit ashamed at their sudden audience. Jasmine spoke first. "Yes, please!"
         Rick knelt in front of her and she braced her feet on the edge of her desk, gripping the back of her chair over her head. "Please do to me what you did to the Dora! " she said.
         "My pleasure, and hopefully yours too," he said, and bent to her open legs. Cordelia couldn't see much because Jasmina's thigh was in the way, but she could hear as Jasmine wailed in ecstasy.
         "All of what you've seen is pleasurable," the Dora said, raising her voice to be heard. "The pinnacle of Dorian's Gift of Pleasure is the climax. The man's climax releases his seed, which is necessary to help Dorian give us the Gift of creating new life. Usually, a man is spent after one time and must rest before enjoying more. Some women, however, are blessed to experience many climaxes. If you are fortunate, your husbands will be willing to share many with you before even reaching their own."
         Jasmine shrieked and her heels drummed on the desk. "Dorian! " Her body quivered uncontrollably. She nearly fell to the floor but Rick caught her. She curled sideways in her chair, gasping and softly repeating the goddess' name.
         "Jasmine has just experienced one," the Dora said.
         "How was it?" another of the girls demanded.
         "Huh," Jasmina said. "Oh. Ummmm."
         "That means she liked it," Octavia panted. Her hands hadn't stopped moving while Rick was  pleasuring Jasmine, and she now turned desperately to him. "Please?"
         "Gladly." He lowered her to the floor beside Cordelia's chair.
        Cordelia stifled a pang of disappointment as Rick moved to Jasmine and began fondling her. Would that she were as bold!
         But Jasmina turned out to be bolder than she'd thought, for within moments she had urged Rick's mouth to her breasts and was enjoying even greater delights. Her gold-painted nails dug small crescents into his shoulders, her pulse fluttered visibly in her throat, and her ecstatic moans filled the classroom.
         When Rick moved on to give other classmates their turn, Jasmina collapsed into her seat. "I hope my father finds me a husband soon!" she panted. "This is better than panda root!"
         "You're so brave, Jasmine," Cordelia said enviously. "I didn't even undo one button!"
         Octavia chuckled. "We have a saying in my village: market doesn't close until the last buyer's left. Class isn't over yet."
         She saw with relief that most of the others left their gowns buttoned. As with the kisses, Rick seemed to know exactly what each girl's limits were, and did not press them. By the time he rejoined the Dora on the platform, nearly all of them were breathless from new-sparked passion and anticipation. Not even a master wizard addressing apprentices could command such riveted attention as was now focused on the Dora.
         "The custom here in Rakis, a custom which comes from Symbya, is for ladies to use creams to rid themselves of hair on Dorian's Mound," the Dora said as she unfastened her belt.
         Zafellia raised her hand, laughing. "My grandmother uses it on her upper lip!"
         "Such is not the custom in Tarlak," the Dora continued as if she hadn't heard, letting her gown slide to the floor. Her belly was just slightly rounded, her hips a bit wide but curved nicely, and her mound was covered with blond curls. Her legs, as they knew from the short tunics she wore in the summertime, were possessed of their own muscular grace that was unfashionable but certainly attractive.
         She sat on the edge of the bed and parted her legs, showing herself to them. She used her fingers to spread the folds of her woman's flower. Rick watched avidly, stroking her breasts and thighs.
         "Although many parts of a woman's body can bring her pleasure, the most intense spot is here, this lump, or button, at the top of the opening. When it is stimulated, it helps the woman become ready by exciting her even further, causing her inner juices to flow. A woman can touch it herself, or her partner might ..." she nodded to Rick, who slid his finger between her folds and rubbed slowly. "Mmmm," she sighed, unable to speak further.
         "Or," Rick said, "many men enjoy kissing a woman here, using his lips and tongue as well as his hands." He knelt between the Dora's legs.
         Although they couldn't see what was going on, the girls could tell it was strongly affecting the Dora. She raised her legs and rested her heels on Rick's broad shoulders. Her hands moved through his hair. Her cries of pleasure filled the classroom.
         "Oh, I want to try that!" Octavia whispered to Cordelia.
         Cordelia could see everything this time. As Rick kissed Octavia's inner thighs, ran his tongue along the outer flesh, and spread the folds to taste within, Cordelia imagined it was herself. She could almost feel the soft wet tongue leaving trails which cooled then warmed then cooled again on the tidal currants of his breath. Octavia was quieter than Jasmina, gulping in great breaths of air and letting them out in long sighs and gentle moans, caressing her own breasts.
         It was over much quicker, with Octavia tensing, then relaxing in a series of shudders. "Oooh, yes!" she sighed.
         "Would anyone else like to try?" the Dora asked.
         "Do try, Cordelia," Octavia urged.
         As much as she wanted to, Cordelia rapidly shook her head. The rest of the girls were similarly  reluctant, though all of them except Herunia were obviously excited. Herunia had actually taken a book  from her desk and was reading, or pretending to.
         "Well, then, I think it's time for you to see how to pleasure a man," Dora Leonilla announced. "We  looked at pictures yesterday, but drawings pale in comparison to flesh. Rick, if you're ready ...?"
         "I am," he said, and went to stand before the Dora. She began unlacing his trousers.
         "A man's organ has many different names, from the vulgar to the humorous. In Tarlak, we are fond of the term 'little soldier,' but it might also be referred to as a lance, a rod, or manhood."
         She motioned for Rick to turn his back to the class and tugged the trousers down to his feet. The girls gasped again as his sculpted, firm buttocks came into view. He stepped out of the pile of cloth and turned to face them. His rod stood proudly out in front, jutting from a nest of silky black curls.
         Cordelia had no reference to compare it to, but she was sure he was large among men. His skin there was a slightly darker and rosier color than the rest of him.
         "How do men go about with such things all day?" Nambiria asked dubiously.
         "It's not always like this," Rick explained.
         "Arousal causes it to swell, to become erect," the Dora added. "When a man is not aroused, his rod remains sort, and is generally smaller."
         "But when a man is in the company of so many lovely young women ..." Rick said with a grin, gesturing helplessly at himself. "Well, it's unavoidable."
         "Here, once again, we have Dorian's sacred triangle," the Dora said. "The rod itself, and these two organs beneath it, which also have various names. They are filled with the man's precious seed. Now, as you can see, while the woman's triangle points down, the man's points up."
         Octavia and some of the others laughed, but Cordelia didn't catch the jest.
         "This area of a man is very sensitive. Not so much the shaft as the tip, but when stroking a man it is well to pay attention to both. Note how the shaft is made so that a woman's hand curls perfectly around it." She demonstrated, rubbing back and forth. "The tip is hidden by skin which can be drawn back like so. Here at the end is the hole from which the seed emerges."
        Rick uttered a low moan. The Dora reached between his legs with her other hand to cup the pouch which dangled there.
 "A delicate touch is necessary here," she continued. "You can feel the two organs within, like soft walnuts or plums."
         "But it's so big," tiny Madenia said. "How can that go in a woman without hurting her?"
         "Sometimes it does hurt," the Dora admitted. "If a woman is a virgin, or if she hasn't been made ready, there can be some pain, and for virgins there is occasionally a bit of bleeding. The important thing to remember is that a woman's passage was made to stretch enough to let a baby pass through. How many of you have seen a new baby? Much larger than even the most endowed man, I assure you."
         Rick managed to speak through his impassioned moans. "A true man, one in Dorian's good favor, will be careful with his lover and not give more or sooner than she is ready for."
         "True," the Dora said. "Now, we've seen how hands can give pleasure, and we've seen how a man's mouth can give a woman pleasure. A woman's mouth can be equally effective." She kissed his shaft, ran her tongue along it, then sucked the tip into her mouth.
         Rick groaned and his knees buckled so that he nearly fell. The Dora raised her head and let him recline on the bed, then bent to her task again. Her blond head bobbed slowly up and down, leaving his rod shining and damp. One hand held it around the base while the other kept moving, first sliding up and down in counterpoint to her mouth, then cupping his pouch, then rubbing his lower belly and thighs.
         "I did that last year," Octavia whispered to Cordelia. "Probably not nearly that well, but I've practiced since."
         "With who?" Cordelia gasped.
         "With a sausage," Tavi admitted. "But I can't wait to try the real thing. I tell you, Deelie, I think I  was a fool to just suck on that sausage."
         The Dora paused and addressed the class, one hand still moving leisurely up and down. "The  purpose of these activities is threefold: to pleasure, to make ready, and to provide wetness. A man's rod can  enter a woman more easily if there is adequate lubrication. Sometimes, though, you and your man might be  satisfied to just please each other with hands and mouths. I could continue until Rick reached his climax and  released his seed -"
         "But where would it go?" Sofinia asked without even raising her hand.
         "It could spill free onto the bedclothes, or I could take it into my mouth," the Dora replied.
         Another chorus of "Eew," but fewer this time as most of the girls continued listening in fascination.
         "A man's seed is liquid, milky white in color and somewhat thick. The taste varies from man to  man, and even from day to day depending on what the man has eaten, but in general it is slightly salty and a  bit sweet. Some women prefer to wash it from their mouths, while others swallow it. Either is acceptable to  Dorian. Swallowing it is less messy, and men tend to prefer it because it shows that the woman cares  enough for him not to spit out his precious seed."
         "Dora?" Tavi asked. "May we try this too?"
         "If Rick is willing."
         "Of course," he said, breathing heavily.
         "Those of you who wish to, come forward," the Dora said. "It wouldn't be fair to poor Rick to make him walk among you on legs weak with passion."
         Octavia jumped up, pulling Cordelia with her. Cordelia started to protest, then let herself be dragged along. Jasmine reached the platform first, still bare except for her jewelry and cosmetics. She clambered eagerly onto the bed beside the Dora.
         None of the other girls came forth, though all continued watching eagerly. Even Herunia had lifted her gaze from her book.
         The Dora took Jasmina's hand and led it to Rick's erect rod. It lurched as if of its own accord when she touched it, and she giggled. "It's alive!"
         "Many men sometimes think of their little soldiers as having minds of their own," the Dora said. She nodded approvingly as Jasmina's hand began moving. "You have a knack for this."
         Rick groaned agreement. Jasmina's caress was less knowledgeable than the Dora's, more curious and exploratory, but what she lacked in skill she made up for with enthusiasm and innate talent. Before long, she lowered her head and kissed the tip of his rod with her painted lips. A small drop of fluid had seeped from the hole and she licked it away.
         "It does taste salty," she said. "Good, though!" Then there was no more room for words as she sucked his rod deeply into her mouth.
         Rick laid his hands along the sides of her head, guiding her movements, matching them with slow steady rocking of his hips. His body was tense, his skin flushed darker.
         The Dora turned to the rest of the class. "Sometimes, a man and woman might please each other in this fashion at the same time, positioning themselves loins to mouth, either lying on their sides or one atop the other."
         Rick lifted Jasmina's head from his rod, his breathing ragged. "Should stop for a moment," he said. "Otherwise it'll be over too soon."
         With a smug satisfied smile, Jasmine crawled down from the platform and licked her lips. "That was fun!"
         "I'm next!" Tavi declared. She poked Rick's shoulder until his eyes opened. "May we try what the Dora was describing?"
         He took a few deep breaths, calming himself "Sure!"
         She got on the bed next to him, started to swing her leg up, hesitated, put it down, her face a pretty frown of confusion. "How - oh!" as Rick grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her into the air, settling her widespread legs down over his face. Her surprised exclamation turned into a yelp of passion as he wasted no time putting his lips and tongue to work.
         Not to be outdone, Tavi took hold of the column of flesh rising in front of her and started kissing and licking. She engulfed it as far as she could, so deeply that Cordelia wondered if she was swallowing the rod entire.
         Drawn as if by hypnosis, Cordelia moved closer and leaned over to watch Rick's rod sliding in and out of Tavi's mouth. She wondered what it would be like to do that to a man, to feel the veined column rubbing against her lips and tongue.
         All of a sudden, his rod popped out as Tavi began gasping for breath. Her quivering thighs clamped around Rick's head. "Oh, it's happening again!"
         Rick grabbed her bottom, holding her tight as her body shuddered. She muffed her cries by filling her mouth with him once again, groping blindly to seize Cordelia's wrist.
         Before she knew what was happening, Cordelia found her hand pressed against the thick base of Rick's rod. It was hot, damp. The fine hairs curled around her fingers. Tavi's lips brushed against the back of her hand.
         She started to pull away, then changed her mind and closed her tiny fist around him, squeezing and rubbing. Rick's hips bucked. He cried out in passion and warning.
         "Girls ..." the Dora began, but she was too late.
         Cordelia felt Rick's rod spasm. Tavi recoiled in surprise as white fluid began spurting from the tip,  but she recovered quickly and kept sucking.
         Some of it dribbled down onto Cordelia's hand. Rick's long legs shifted uncontrollably, pushing  pillows on the floor. For a moment, every muscle was perfectly etched against his skin. Then all tension  went out of him.
         Absolute silence reigned in the classroom. Cordelia slowly withdrew her hand, wiping it in the  linens. Tavi rolled off of Rick and collapsed.
         "Gods," Jasmina finally said. "Is everyone all right?"
         "They're fine," the Dora smiled.
         "But now we won't get to see more!" Zafellia complained.
         "Give me a few moments," Rick panted.
         As he lay with his forearm over his eyes, his remarkable body lightly sheened with sweat, the rest of the girls crowded around.
         "What was it like, Octavia?" Sofinia asked.
         "Wonderful ! "
         "Was it salty, like Jasmina said?" Madenia asked.
         "Sort of, but not as strong as seawater."
         "Why did you grab my hand?" Cordelia demanded.
         "Oh, Deelie, I was enjoying it so much that I wanted you to have a chance too."
         "Dora, is class over?" another girl asked, sounding disappointed.
         "Rick?" the Dora asked.
         "With a little encouragement, we could certainly continue," he said.
         "Cordelia," the Dora said, "would you like to do it?"
         "You mean ...?" she said, chewing nervously on her lip. Taking a deep breath, she nodded. "I'd like that, Dora."
         "I'll help," Jasmine said, getting back on the bed. Cordelia settled down across from her, Rick's hips between them. The Dora helped him prop his head up on cushions so he could watch.
         His rod lay on his thigh, smaller than it had been and soft. Jasmine stroked it gently, motioning for Cordelia to do the same. She did, feeling the texture, the strange boneless weight of it, the way the skin moved loosely over the flesh.
         Soon, a most remarkable transformation occurred and his rod began to swell and straighten in their grasp. The rest of the class murmured in awe. Cordelia and Jasmine exchanged proud glances.
         "Go on, taste it," Jasmine urged.
         Tavi made encouraging motions. She was still sprawled on the bed, her chemise bunched around her waist, and one of Rick's hands was hidden between her legs. His other hand was stroking the Dora's breasts.
         Cordelia averted her eyes from Rick and removed her veil. She knew she wasn't nearly as pretty as Tavi or Jasmine, but she had never considered herself plain either. She ran her tongue along the length of his shaft, tasting salty moisture. She sucked just the tip into her mouth while Jasmina rubbed and fondled lower down.
         Emboldened by the pleasure evident on Rick's face, Cordelia took it in further, until the end nudged the back of her throat. She bobbed her head up and down, lips tight around the shaft, tongue rolling and flicking.
         "Well done," the Dora said. "You girls have been paying attention, I see. Should I now demonstrate more of Dorian's Gift?"
         Rick untangled himself from the three students. They rather reluctantly got down to stand beside the bed, making room for the Dora as she sat beside him.
         "There are many ways for a man and woman to do this," she said. "In general, anything that is not displeasing to either party is well within Dorian's sight. The most traditional way is for the man to lay atop the woman."
         She laid back and spread her legs, bending them at the knees and bracing her feet on the cushions. Rick positioned himself between them and rubbed the tip of his rod along her folds.
         "This way permits the couple to make eye contact and kiss. The woman may caress the man's back, or lightly scratch it if that pleases them, or hold to his hips or buttocks. She may raise her legs over his shoulders, lock her ankles over his back, or do whatever else is comfortable." She sighed in delight, then continued. "What Rick is doing now is extremely pleasurable without actually entering. This can be done for a variety of reasons. If a woman wishes to remain virgin yet dabble in Dorian's Gifts, for instance."
         Rick slowly sank his rod into the Dora's opening. She raised her hips to meet his downward  movement. The girls exclaimed as the whole impressive length went in, without causing any discomfort to  the Dora. Quite the opposite, for she responded with nothing but increasing pleasure. He pulled back, then  thrust again.
         "The pace of the lovemaking will vary depending on the mood of the couple," the Dora said, her  lecture punctuated by breathy moans. "It can range from slow and tender to wild clothes-tearing frenzy."
         Rick nuzzled the side of her neck, nibbled her chin, stole the next words from her mouth with a  kiss. His buttocks flexed and released, flexed and released, as he drove his rod rhythmically in and out.
         "We should show them another way," the Dora murmured.
         "Mm-hmm." He rose onto his knees, his rod sticking out. "Turan fashion?"
         "Very well."
         "Turan?" Zafellia asked.
         "In Tura," the Dora said as Rick stretched out on his back, "the woman rule the men, and assert their dominance by always taking the top in their lovemaking. Riding their men." She straddled Rick, reaching beneath herself to aim his rod correctly, then sank down and impaled herself. She supported her weight on hands placed on either side of his head and began rocking.
         "You can also kiss this way," Rick said, "and the man has free access to the woman's beautiful breasts." He thrust upward as the Dora came down. They moved more quickly, his thighs slapping her bottom.
         Sofinia leaned in close to peer at the place where their bodies met. "It just goes all the way in," she marveled. "All ofthat, inside!"
         "Do men like being taken like beasts?" Nambiria wondered.
         "I don't know about most men, but I like strong women," Rick said. "I love giving them pleasure in whatever way I can. This way, the woman goes at the pace that pleases her, so I learn what she wants."
         "Oh, soon now," the Dora said. "Oh, yes, oh, Dorian, yes!"
         He held her hips firmly, letting her ride out her storm like a ship on the high seas. Her blond hair  flew wildly. Her belly shimmied like a page dancer's. Her wordless cry filled the room, and ended when she  buried her face in Rick's chest. Her frantic movements came to a gradual stop.
         "Whew," Rick said. "I don't know how much longer I can last!"
         "We'll just show them the stallion position, then, and they can figure the rest out from books or their own imaginations," the Dora said. She clambered off of him and got on hands and knees.
          Rick knelt behind her. He spared a grin for the awestruck girls. "It's called the stallion position for obvious reasons."
         "Like a stallion breeding a mare," Jasmine said.
          Rick slid smoothly into the Dora from behind. She moaned, then said, "The couple cannot kiss this way, nor see each other, but it does give new and different sensations. The woman can also reach back, like this, to touch the man." She stretched her hand under herself and fondled the part of Rick that wasn't inside of her.
         His back arched as he thrust faster and faster. The Dora pushed her bottom back to meet him, the impact causing her breasts to jiggle madly. The entire bed shook in sympathy.
         "Oh, Dorian!" Rick called. "I'm almost ready!"
         "Wait!" Octavia cried. "What about us?"
         He jerked, surprised, and came loose of the Dora. She turned and stared at Octavia. "What?"
         "Jasmine and I want to try," Tavi said. "Please, Dora? Please, Rick?"
         Cordelia gaped, thunderstruck. But Rick's face split in a beaming grin. "Sure!"
         Octavia threw aside her chemise, scrambled onto the bed, and mimicked the Dora's pose. "Go  slow, though. I don't want it to hurt."
         "I will," he said. He opened her folds with his fingers, probing gently inside.
         "Ooh, that feels nice," Tavi said.
         "How about this?" He rubbed the tip of his rod against her.
         "Even better!"
         "Don't wear him out, Tavi," Jasmina said. She was perched on the edge of the bed, rubbing herself  leisurely, waiting her turn.
         "Here goes," Rick said, and began pushing slowly.
         She winced briefly. "Gods, it feels so big!"
         It looked even bigger going into Octavia than it had with the Dora. He pushed it all the way in, then just as slowly drew it out. Tavi let her head drop onto her crossed arms. Rick held her around the waist and thrust again.
         By now, watching their classmate, most of the girls had abandoned their propriety and were caressing themselves, either through or under their gowns.
         Cordelia couldn't stand it anymore. She yanked her gown and chemise to her waist and stuck both hands between her legs. She found herself soaked with desire. Her fingers found her button and an explosion of heat went through her. Intense as it was, she knew it was nothing compared to how she'd feel if she kept going.
         Tavi was mewling and gasping now, rocking with Rick. His rod plunged in and out. His face was a mask of iron control. Cordelia imagined she was in Tavi's place, and her fingers moved faster.
         "Aiii!" Tavi cried, flinging her head up, then down into the pillows. She rammed herselfbackwards furiously, almost knocking Rick off the bed. When her shaking subsided, she crawled weakly away from him and curled up around a pillow.
        Rick sat back on his heels and regarded her, then grinned at the Dora. "Passionate bunch, these  Rakvian girls."
         "Lifetimes of repression," the Dora said. "Jasmine?"
         "Yes, Dora!" Jasmine knelt facing Rick, kissing him and rubbing her breasts against his chest while she stroked his eager rod. He cupped her buttocks, then reached down to her hairless mound. At his touch, she flung herself back and lay with knees raised. "Oh, please, I can't wait another moment!"
         He raised an eyebrow teasingly. "Oh, yeah?" With that, he dropped to lick her folds until she was shrieking with pleasure.
         Cordelia felt like steam was rising from her skin. Each movement of her fingers against her slick flesh brought new waves of sensation.
         Rick rose over Jasmina and rubbed his rod along her folds as he had done with the Dora. She writhed beneath him, her heels thumping on his hips and back.
         "Yes! Yes! Oh, gods, please do it! Please stick me with that big thing!" Jasmine babbled, clutching his arms and trying to pull him down. "Do it! I don't care if it hurts! Fill me now! Oh, gods, please, now, it's happening now, I want to feel it in me!"
         He thrust deeply, pinning her. She shrieked again, this time partly in pain, but even that didn't stop her from shoving her hips up at him in frantic passion. Rick's lower lip was caught between his teeth, his eyes screwed shut in concentration as he fought to prolong his own pleasure.
         Cordelia felt an indescribable fire building within her, a brink she was rushing toward, but like chasing something in a dream she seemed unable to catch it, unable to bring herself over.
         Rick withdrew from Jasmine, who hitched herself over to Octavia and the two girls lay against each other in a breathless pile. Rick's rod still stood stiff, seemingly even larger than ever, engorged.
         The Dora kissed Rick. "Well done," she said to him. "Now it's your turn."
         "Dora, may I?" Cordelia asked. "Please? I want to do it too."
         Rick lay back, his rod pointing straight up. "Climb on," he invited. To the Dora, he said, "I can last a bit longer. At least, I hope I can."
         Still holding her chemise around her waist, Cordelia got onto the bed. Rick put his hand between her legs, grinning when he found her so wet and ready. He helped her straddle him. She sat astride his hips, his rod resting along her folds add nudging her feverishly aroused button. She wiggled her bottom, sending sparks of white light dancing across her vision.
         She raised up so that his rod pressed against her opening. It felt huge. She pushed down a tiny bit, feeling it stretch her. She groaned softly.
         Rick rubbed his thumb slowly over her hard little button. More dampness flooded her, loosened her. She pushed down steadily. The sensation of fullness, combined with the knowledge that a man was inside her, pushed her over that unseen brink. It crashed over her like a wave breaking on the cliffs. Her inner muscles clenched around Rick's throbbing length. She heard herself wail in pleasure, the tiny flash of pain lost amid the ecstasy. She rammed her bottom down, taking him in all the way.
         "Oh, Dorian!" Rick cried. He suddenly began moving within her, thrusting so hard he lifted her off the mattress. His rapid, forceful movement intensified her climax, shaking her with explosion after explosion until she thought she would just burst in a shower of sparks. He fisted his hands in her hair bringing her face to his and kissing her so hard she couldn't breathe.
         Cordelia huddled against his chest, shuddering, unable to believe what had just happened to her. She had never imagined that her body could feel this way. A fleeting thought, that she had just given her virginity to a near-total stranger, passed through her mind and was dismissed with barely a nod of recognition.
         Someone stroked her damp hair back from her face. She looked up at Dora Leonilla. The blond woman was smiling.
         "Oops," Rick said, although he didn't sound terribly distressed.
         "That's all right," the Dora said. "We'll have more time later."
         "Did I ... I mean, did you ...?" Cordelia stammered.
         "I sure did. You were wonderful! All of you were! " He grinned at Jasmina and Octavia, then gave Cordelia a sweet kiss on the lips.
         "Yes, Cordelia?"
         "I think I'm going to like this school!"

Copyright 1996 by Christine Morgan