Timeline -- Christine's Gargoyles Fanfic Universe

Middle Ages:
750: Old-Mother hatches.
800: Old-Mother's first breeding season.
915: Old-Mother's mate, former leader, dies during breeding season.
926: Goliath's generation hatches.
930's: Prince Corwin, king's brother and Malcolm's uncle, begins construction of Castle Wyvern.
938 : Hudson becomes second-in-command; his love Joy dies trying to save humans from a flood.
940: Amber/Eolande, arrives from the future and meets Old-Mother, hunky young Hudson, Prince Corwin, the
Archmage when he was still called Magus, etc.
945: Hudson's generation has a breeding season.
956: The Trio's generation hatches.
973 : Magus born.
977 : Princess Katherine born.
980 : Princess Elena and newborn son die.
984 : Malcolm poisoned, death of the Archmage.
988 : Prince Malcolm and the White Gargoyle conceive Elektra on Midsummer's Night in a ring of standing stones.
989 : Eggs lain in the rookery, March.
990 : Archmage's two selves pay a visit to the rookery and enspell three eggs (Opal, Onyx, and Citrine).

The Age of Reason:
1570 or so: Lord Moray a figure of influence in Elizabeth's court
Early 1600's: MacBeth leaves England
1671: Henry Morgan sacks Panama; MacBeth adopts Tag Alvarez.
1688: Henry Morgan's funeral; battle between the Fleance (MacBeth's ship) and the Saunders; MacBeth's crew
mutinies over a keg of diamonds and "kill" him and bury him on an island.
1695: MacBeth's new ship, the Valorous, sets sail.
1705: MacBeth and Henri Nejou rescue Isabelle from pirates.
1707: Henri and Isabelle's daughter Giselle born.
1708: Isabelle dies.
1720: Pirate ship Wyvern attacked; gargoyle clan destroyed except for five survivors.
1721: Henri Nejou, governor of St. Gilbert, killed in attack; asks MacBeth to take over for him and care for Giselle.
1722: MacBeth and Giselle marry.
1723: Reaper's clan attacks St. Gilbert seeking enemy captain; Giselle is killed.

Modern, pre-show:
1953-1962 : Demona living in reputedly haunted castle in Hollywood Hills.
1957 : David Xanatos born.
1959 : Janine Renard born October 10th.
1960 : Brendan Vandermere born February 20th.
1963 : Gustav Sevarius' experiments with eidetic memory, involving John Bluestone.
1967 : Maria meets Carlos Chavez; Matt Bluestone born.
1969 : Maria and Carlos marry.
1969 : Elisa Maza born Dec 31.
1970 : Events in Vietnam involving Kostas, Cannonner, Wulfstan, and others.
1971 : Carmen Chavez born; Derrek Maza born.
1972 : Ginny, Clive Vandermere's 2nd wife, born.
1974 : Halcyon Renard's weather control experiment gets out of control; Xanatos and Fox meet; Caliban
imprisoned by Puck; Beth Maza born June 11.
1975 : David Xanatos gets a mysterious pacakge with ancient coins.
1976 : Eihblin Driscoll finds an egg; Mary and Finella arrive from Avalon, meet Kenneth Ferguson; Janine
Renard runs away from home for good.
1977 : T.J. Lawton born July 6th to "Jane Fox," adopted by Burt and Loralie Lawton; the Archmage puts
spells on 3 Boston socialite women to get them to conceive daughters.
1978 : Angus hatches; Tiffy Vandermere born March 21; Sabra Indrani crippled in car wreck (May 16th).
1979 : Aiden Ferguson born March 3rd.
1980 : Carlos Chavez shot and killed, May 15th.
1981 : Peter Maza retires from police force; Finella sells Grimorum to Xanatos.
1982 : Construction begins on Aerie Building.
1983 : Maria Chavez marries Alan Henderson; the London Clan's eggs hatch (Drake, Fawn, and Equa); the
Lawtons move to Joshua Flats.
1984 : Josh Henderson, Maria's son, born in winter; John Bluestone supposedly dies in a car crash after
witnessing something strange in the woods.
1985 : Xanatos takes a model to his high-school reunion to show off; Gino "The Eye" Draconi, Illuminati Grandmaster
candidate, murdered.
1986 : Sarah Henderson, Maria Chavez' daughter, born in fall.
1987 : Graeme Wulfstan, the Grey Wolf, is a pro wrestling star; Owen leaves Cyberbiotics; Xanatos attends a royal
reception with a princess; Owen and Cordelia have an enforced date.
1988 : Alan Henderson divorces Maria Chavez; Aerie Building completed; Xanatos and Fox meet again in
Seattle; Xanatos buys the Eye of Odin; the magician Lyonnes dies after using the Eye; Owen retrieves Hecate's
1989 : Loralie Lawton killed in car accident.
1993 : Elisa breaks up with Mark Wright after disastrous trip to Vermont.
1994 : Ginny is named Miss Boston Tea Party at annual pageant.
1995 Clive Vandermere marries Ginny; Fawn's mother dies.

1996 : (summer) Thailog gets amnesia, becomes Ebon, joins Scarlet Angel; Nick Diamond leaves Scarlet Angel;
Alexander Xanatos born.

September 1996 : Hunter's Moon.

Modern, post-show:

October 1996 : Captain Chavez meets Hudson in the clocktower and each reminisce about their first loves;
Samuel Blake is abducted from Disneyland and "treated" by his father, Anton Sevarius.

November 1996 : Vito Draconi attempts to rob cousin Tony; Goliath and Elisa consummate their love; Demona
reminisces about MacBeth; Elisa goes to a family reunion in Las Vegas with the fearsome Aunt Agnes; Elisa and
Delilah make friends; Lex and Aiden meet; the secrets of Finella's past come out; Xanatos offers Aiden a chance to
study magic.

December 1996 : Problems at Sevarius' Pacific Northwest site; Ivana Blake (Anton's ex-wife) dies; Samuel
escapes and meets Talon and Delilah; Sevarius "dies" and needs a transference to a new clone; Brooklyn confesses
to Angela about his affair with Demona; Vito Draconi robs the Illuminati; Demona tries to use the Apple of Eris
on Goliath and Elisa; Xanatos and Matt team up.

January 1997 : Aiden is enrolled at the Sterling Academy and meets Birdie Yale and Cordelia St. John.

February 1997 : Professor Lennox MacDuff's history class begins; the Grandmaster goes to France for several weeks.

March 1997 : Aiden's 18th birthday; the love spell is cast on Owen and Cordelia; Patricia is concieved; Maggie's
baby shower turns violent; Dee and Tom Maza are born (March 29) premature; Elisa nearly dies; Genetic
Engineering Research and Laborotories is blown up along with Sevarius' clone stash.

April 1997 : Elisa puts a few night moves on Goliath; he pops the question; Matt Bluestone disappears; Aiden and
Birdie double date with Lex and Broadway at the Scarlet Angel concert in Central Park and discover that Thailog
is Ebon, their bass player and manager.

May 1997 : Matt undergoes a complex Illuminati ritual to attempt to save Eurydice from the Underworld, and falls
in love with her.

August 1997 : Aiden and Lex visit a possible, imperfect future while they're supposed to be babysitting Alexander,
meeting Janine Xanatos, Sebastian St.John-Burnett, and Moray MacLachlan.

October 1997 : Nicholas Diamant has a falling-out with the Quarrymen.

December 1997 : Patricia St.John-Burnett is born Dec. 14; Hudson dresses as Santa to give Maria's kids a
Christmas to remember; Carmen Chavez brings boyfriend Vinnie she met in Japan home to meet her mom; caroling
at MacBeth and Demona's houses; Angela and Brooklyn make a commitment; Tom and Katherine visit the castle.

January 1998 : Angela and Brooklyn ring in the New Year.

February 1998 : Wolf and Kostas meet to plan their revenge on Paul Cannonner.

March 1998 : A string of gruesome murders and erotic dreams; cousin Nikki crashes at Elisa's place for a while;
Elisa is stalked by an incubus; Goliath goes into Elisa's dreams to save her soul.

April 1998 : V.I.P. Magazine feature on Scarlet Angel.

May 1998 through June 1998 : Titania attempts reconciliation with Fox and fails; Anastasia and Dominique
have brunch together and then go to where the lady's veil grows; Titania gives Demona a passport to Avalon;
Demona finds Jericho; Birdie, Aiden and Tiffy attend a party at Tina Diamant's house, where an Ouija board
session tries to warn Tiffy of the Archmage.

July 1998 : Beth meets Coyote and goes to Avalon; Eihblin Driscoll dies; MacBeth brings Angus to Manhattan
and returns him to his clan.

September 1998 : Jericho finds Nicholas Diamant in the Nightstone labs, a subject of Gustav Sevarius' experiments
and Demona's twisted lechery.

October 1998 : Godiva entertains the guys at Goliath's bachelor party; Fox takes the ladies out to Club Victoria
for Elisa's bachelorette; Demona and Jericho responsible for deaths of Scarlet Angel members Johnny, Pagan,
Aquarius, and Julianna in California; Jericho's personal trainer Heck Gervaso dies in a "work-related" accident;
Aunt Agnes meets Goliath.

October 31, 1998 : Goliath and Elisa marry; Angus is reunited with his parents (Coldstone and Coldfire); Elektra
arrives at Xanatopia, her secret is revealed, gives Elisa an amber pendant steeped in Avalon's magic.

November 1998 : Ebon / Thailog regains his memories, arranges Nightstone's financial trouble; Aiden and Lex's
first time; Broadway meets Elektra; that business with the unicorns; Cordelia learns the truth about Owen; Preston
Vogel and Robyn Canmore go out.

December 1998 : Sevarius regains awareness and takes over Godiva's body, goes to visit his brother Gustav;
Jericho steals the clones from the Labyrinth; Claw gets put in a coma; Ebon crashes through the roof of a unique
bar; Matt Bluestone and Edie (Eurydice) get married.

January 1999 : Matt and Edie visit the Bluestone Family in Little Hollow, Vermont; Matt runs afoul of some
People in Black and learns the truth about his father; Broadway goes to Avalon with Elektra; the clan blames
Elektra for Katherine's brush with death; Elektra convinces Gabriel to exile her.

March 1999 : Tiffy's birthday (March 21); memorable party on a yacht with uninvited guests Dracon, Brode,
Broadway, and Elektra; Aiden botches another spell and turns everyone in the castle to animals; Petros
Xanatos brings his fiancee Lydia to meet his son; Hudson and Jericho both vacation at Club Gung-Ho; Broadway,
Brendan and Elektra discover the horrors of Innsbrook; Xanatos meddles in the magic VR program Xantasia;
Broadway and Elektra meet Lex and Aiden at Disneyland.

April 1999 : Orpheus Bluestone and Bryce Canmore born (April 3rd); The Xanatoses go to Maine; T.J. Lawton
leaves Joshua Flats; Alex is kidnapped; Fox must face Caliban; David Xanatos finds out the truth about Lydia
and Titania; Petros and Lydai marry; Brendan meets Dakota Jones and has adventures in Egypt against the
Reich 2000; Cutlass Cove grand opening April 12-18; the Pirate Clan awakens.

May 1999 : Aiden graduates from Sterling Academy, Class of '99; Margot Yale allies with Jon Canmore; Elisa
and Rick crash a Quarryman rally; a gargoyle is killed; Jericho goes too far; Birdie goes to jail and Margot goes to
the hospital; Elektra confronts Jericho and Demona; Brendan returns to Margot.

June 1999 : the Archmage wreaks his revenge; Tiffy, Muffy, and Babs meet their fae and gargoyle conterparts;
the Archmage meets his final demise; Opal, Onyx, and Citrine die; the Sisters are punished; Tiffy and friends get
committed to Arkham Asylum; Margot files for divorce; Gabriel leaves Avalon and meets Ebon; T.J., Brooklyn,
and Lex fix a motorcycle, then go to a bar called Pitbull's and run into some Quarrymen; T.J. and Birdie steal a

June 20 - 24 1999 : Aiden records her thoughts on becoming a gargoyle and Lex's mate.

July 1999 : the breeding season begins; Goliath tells Elisa about his mother; Fox sends Alex to stay with Petros
and Lydia for a while.

August 1999 : Angela has an unsettling encounter with Jericho; many females break the big news to their mates;
Delilah gives Hudson a night to remember; Dominique Destine gets a huge surprise.

November 1999 : the males bemoan the peculiarities of pregnant females.

December 1999 : the Millooniums are out in full force; Dominique miscarries in a contract negotiation meeting;
Stephanie learns the truth; Jon Canmore plans a New Year's celebration.

December 31, 1999 - January 1, 2000 : the Quarrymen stage a blackout; T.J. foils part of Canmore's plans;
Jericho carries off Elisa; chases and conflicts.

February 2000 : nine eggs in the rookery; Canmore makes a fresh start; Sabra Indrani hacks into XE computers.

April 2000 : Amber Maza born two minutes before midnight April 15th; Pirate Clan attacking luxury boats in
the Lady MacBeth.

May 2000 : Alex accidentally takes Brooklyn and Hudson to a fantasy world of wizards and elves; Jericho has a
bad experience with one of Gustav Sevarius' compounds; Sebastian St.John-Burnett born to Owen and Cordelia
(May 30). Birdie and Brendan attend history expo, Birdie begins affair with MacBeth and hears about his life as
the Scottish Rogue. Brendan reunited with Dakota Jones.

June 2000: Sabra Indrani goes to a party at the Canmore apartment; Jason has use of his legs back and is making
a name for himself as a painter.

August 2000: Grandmaster of the Illuminati victim of attempted assassination; Owen learns about Cordelia's family.
Wolf held prisoner by Caleb St. John's freakshow with Fang, almost rescued by Hyena; in private show for the Brock
Association, Fang and Wolf killed; Hyena badly damaged but recovers. Corrinne St. John impregnated.

September 2000: Xanatos hires Sabra Indrani away from Cyberbiotics; Ebon and Gabriel attempt to rescue Ventura
(clone of Angela) from the Institute for the Human Mind in Virginia, wind up rescuing six psionic children instead. Ventura
escapes, goes to Manhattan to get "her" life back that she believes Angela stole; battles clan but ultimately Brooklyn
chooses to save Gabriel rather than catch Ventura.

November 2000: Sabra gets sneak peek at Lucas' designs for Star Wars Episode 2, impressing Lex and T.J.

December 2000: Sabra learns about the gargoyles and Godiva; Amber's day out; Dominique Destine (depressed by
anniversarry of miscarriage) shot by Tony Dracon's men and revives in the company of fanatic Quarryman Harry the

January 2001: Sabra takes over the Godiva body, goes dancing, seduces Jason Canmore, secudes Malibu and Brentwood;
Anton Sevarius' mind winds up in Sabra's original wheelchair-bound body; Godiva joins Demona's clan.

February 2001: Wild night at Birdie's apartment; Jericho captured by "amazons" (Wcky, Tora, and Inge) and rescued
by Aiden and Demona; Julian heals Claw and Renard, resurrects Julianna; Diane Maza starts a live-in school for gifted
children; a Lifeclay assassin stalks Puck and ruins a fashion show; the "Seeds of the Sisterhood" dispersed.

March 2001: Jericho nearly kills Jon Canmore, steals one of Angela's eggs; Jason Canmore is reborn as the Hunter;
Demona decides to accelerate the development of the egg.

The Guardians Timeline:
2008 : Persephone (Percy) Bluestone born.
2010 : last instance of appreciable Quarryman activity; the Hatching.
2010 -- 2018: Fox and Xanatos become absent for reasons not yet explained; Xanatos Enterprises buys land in Central
America and obtains many gem mines.
2015: Alex sponsors Brendan and Dakota's expedition to find the "Seven Vials," which Demona then steals.
February 2018: Eruption of Mt. Ranier in Washington State during "The Dying Moon"; Demona tries to render all humans
infertile but is stopped; Goliath is stricken with a deadly plague; Alex and Patricia finish the Phoenix Gate; Amber goes
back in time to try and save Goliath's life, brings Old-Mother on a visit to the future.
June 2021 : Orpheus and Amber break up.
May 19, 2022 :  Senator Maria Chavez presides over graduation at the Sterling Academy; Orpheus Bluestone is
valedictorian; Jon Canmore and Matt Bluestone die violently and pass their respective torches to their sons; Eurydice
is drawn back to the Underworld; Orph plants the seeds of Demona's change-of-heart.
May 23, 2022 : Orph visits the Grandmaster and is given the Lyre of Orpheus.
June 2031 : mysterious millionaire recluse (MacBeth) undertakes restoration of MacLachlan Castle in Maine.
November 2031 : Demona, finally at peace, seeks out MacBeth; the Weird Sisters are freed from their long
imprisonment; Moray MacLachlan is conceived with a little help from the Sisters' sorcery.
September 5, 2032 : Bryce Canmore tries to kill Demona and MacBeth, putting them all in the hospital; Moray
born, again with a little help from the Sisters; final confrontation between Orpheus Bluestone and Bryce.

The Future Imperfect Timeline:
2004 / 2005 : Aiden becomes a gargoyle.
2013 : Broadway dies; Lexington maimed and cyber-implanted; Angela's egg destroyed.
2015 : Angela lays another egg.
2017 : Aiden and Lex's children Luke and Leia hatched October 5th.
2018 : Alexander and Patricia leave for Avalon, honeymoon.
2022 : Cordelia St. John dies; Alex and Patricia return.
2023 : Xanatos, Fox, their second son Jason (he of the uncontrollable powers), and Owen go to Avalon; Xanatos
challenges Oberon.
2025 : Angela and Brooklyn's daughter Kathe hatched.
2027, October 5th : hatchday party for Luke and Leia, age 10.
2028 : Jericho kills Hudson, Elisa, and Elisa's unborn baby; Goliath kills Jericho.
2029 : Goliath turns leadership over to Brooklyn; gargoyles relocate (not to Xanatopia Orbital Colony as Janine
believes, but to the Isle of Carroch).
2030 : Janine Xanatos born to Alex and Patricia.
2045 : the Weird Sisters summon Alex, Patricia, MacBeth and Demona to Avalon.
2047 : Janine traps them on Avalon.
2057, May : Lex and Aiden appear in the future; Janine meets Moray.

The Avalon Timeline:
-30 : Hecate crafts a Wand that gives great power in the hands of a human sorceress, recruits one from the outside
world, wages war on Oberon.
-25 : Oberon wins the war; Hecate is cast into nothingness; her three daughters agree to become Oberon's handmaids
in exchange for forgiveness; Arthur "sleeps" on Avalon.
0 : Oberon decrees that all his Children must go to the outside world (real reason = Avalon's magical energies too
depleted to sustain them; reason he gives = that they might learn humility and compassion).
1 : Princess Katherine, the Magus, Tom, and the eggs arrive on Avalon; Mary, Finella, and the Grimorum are sent
through time to 1976 Scotland.
3 : the eggs hatch.
8 : Tom and Katherine become as man and wife.
12 : a gargoyle races the sun, nearly dies, damages his wings irreperably, and gets his new name, Icarus.
35 : the young gargoyles discover "frolicsome mating."
36 : the Magus finds Malcolm's journal and realizes the truth about Elektra's parentage.
40 : the Archmage attacks Avalon with the Sisters, Demona, and MacBeth; Tom finds Goliath and Elisa; Oberon
and his court return for the Gathering; the clan declares a breeding season; Katherine and Tom visit the outside world
for a Christmas party at the castle.
41 : Coyote invites Beth to a "bring-your-own-mortal" party; Jericho leaves with Demona; Titania brings the lady's
veil; Elektra leaves looking for Jericho; Elektra returns briefly with Broadway and then is exiled; dissent brews among
some of the clan (Tourmaline, Icarus, Hippolyta, and Ezekiel); Gabriel's mates are summoned away by the Archmage
and die; Gabriel leaves Avalon; the Weird Sisters are sentenced to live as their human counterparts.