The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day
Christine Morgan (
Author's Note: this is a recounting of events that took place in Eureka, CA,
on May 23rd, 1992. The bride was yours truly.

'Twas the day of the wedding, and at the motel The bride she stood waiting, her mom there as well The guests were all gathered down at the dock As the time got closer to seven o'clock The cameras were ready, the cake was aboard The champagne was standing by to be poured Across Humboldt Bay, the faintest breeze blew The sun was still shining, and the local folks knew It would be an evening they'd never forget But they didn't know that they'd seen nothing yet Handshakes were done, introductions made The groom grew more nervous in tuxedo and shades When what to their wondering eyes should appear But dear Daddy Tom hauling ass down the pier His silver hair flying, his face a bright red "There's a poem in here somewhere," the relatives said The keys, it turned out, were locked in the car Guess he shouldn't have stopped at that quaint little bar And as for the room key, they had it not So the bride and her mother were in the parking lot And people walked by and drivers slowed down And stared at the girl in her long formal gown She should have been worried but she was laughing instead "Things were going too perfect," between giggles she said Good thing the boat was just a few blocks away Because dear Daddy Tom broke records that day For running in dress shoes and finding spare keys And getting back to the motel as fast as you'd please Where we heard him exclaim what all brides long to hear "Shit, I can't believe this, I'm so sorry, dear" But they made it on time, not one minute late And everyone said it was well worth the wait They boarded the boat and sailed out in the bay As the sun set on a beautiful wedding day

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