The Alcan Rally is the brainchild of Jerry Hines, rallymaster.  The Alcan Rally  is an endurance rally starting in the Seattle area.  The finish is usually in the southern part of British Columbia, Canada for the summer rallies (called The Alcan 5000 Rally) or in Anchorage, Alaska for the winter rallies (called The Alcan Winter Rally).

The summer rallies have been held generally in August, but has also been held in May.   August, ending Labor Day weekend, is the time that most people seem to like.

The entrants are in all makes of cars and suvs.  But we have also had motorhomes, and in 2002 we plan on having some motorcycles.

I have operated my ham radio from the artic circle and other places north.  The rally has been to Inuvic, NWT, in both summer and winter.  A normal stop is at Dawson City, YT.  Again both summer and winter.  Winter requires driving on the rivers.   Ice driving.  Great fun.

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