This is my 'other' name as given to me by the Federal Communication Commission many years ago.

I started operating from the home in Sonoma, CA as a novice, KN6DOW, in 1957.  Within a year I upgraded to a General class license.

While I was attending radar school for the Air Force I was able to operate from the base in Boluxie, MS.  We had a good club on base and we were able to do things while the rest of the base personnel had to toe the line.  We were even able to leave base for field day operations during race problems that restricted everyone else to base.  I was there during the Cuban missile crisis and the Alaskan earthquake.   Spent most of the time in the clubhouse.

Then I went Hastings, NE.  for three years.  I was a RBS operator/maintenance (radar) person.  At one point our detachment was without radio maintenance personnel and my commanding officer, knowing I was a ham, made me the radio maintenance section.  Thank god the equipment was in good shape and the real radio men came back before any thing broke.

After the service I returned to San Jose where I finished college.    I operated there for 12 years while working for GE in their advanced nuclear reactor area (they changed our name about every 6 months).

Then I went to work for Boeing at Renton, WA.  I started working at Boeing Computing Service, which eventually got absorbed into Boeing Commercial Airplane Company.  While there I was a member of the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society (BEARS).  I was president at the time of the VEC system was created (the BEARS were one of the first VECs, which they eventually desolved) and organized the local Renton area VE testing group.  I eventually became a member of the Mike and Key Club, where coordinating numerous public service events was my main thrust.  Somewhere in there I upgraded to Advanced and then Extra class license.

There were several public service events that a near to my heart.   One is Special Olympics Washington where I was the director of communications for 15 years.

Another is the Alcan 5000 Rally.  Except for the rallymaster, Jerry Hines, I am the only person to have worked every Alcan 5000 Rally.  I have driven on most as a worker.  Some were set on dates that interferred with Special Olympics, so for those I helped on the starting and/or end days.  Great fun.  Makes one forget about the rest of the world for a while.

I have retired and am planning on moving to Fiddletown, CA sometime in the near future.  I have a mountain top that should be good for radio work.

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