These are questions or straw horses.   Please  submit additions/changes/additions to site owner.

I put the aunts and uncles in the order from the family phone book

I put their children in the order from 'MY ALBUM'

I do not remember the complete names of all of the spouses, and I have not got that far in 'MY ALBUM'

All of the above is subject to change

1.  The last 4 lines will appear at the bottom of EVERY page.  With the appropriate people listed.

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2.    Where to use 'uncle'/'aunt' ?

3.    Where to use formal names?


Open for discussion - I did not go the 'THE BOOK' to get missing data that has not stayed in my head.

1.  Say what you want about the family heads

2.  Got a better way to list childern and spouses ???

2a.  How to list adopted children ? Or do we need to notate children that are adopted ?

3.    Do we want to include 'date of birth'/'date of death' ? How?

4.    Those who want pictures will put in thumbnails and that will link to the picture.  Saves loading time.

5.    I do not think that we should include addresses for security of the people.

6.    Do we want to include email addresses?  This is something I might vote for.

7.    We could include link to personal web pages?

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