Previous Updates

Updated AMUSEBBS page

{Oct 2002} Updated Palm page!

Added URL for RioVolt

Added a time/temp indicator from Weather Underground to the local page and "Counter-telemarketing tactics" URL to this page.

Somehow an old version of the Gallery page got put on the web site. Whoops! Restored the new version.

Removed broken "Weather Guys" link from Local Page. Removed non-working news from Amiga page. RIP. Minor changes in on-site link on all pages.

Moved the list of previous updates of index page to this page.

Fixed/removed broken links on Palm Page

Put a weather indicator (from on the Local Links page.

Added some Pictures of My Cat to the Gallery.

Put some pictures of the monolith on the Local Links page

Added's News to the Amiga Section. Requires Javascript And Slows Down That Page Loading, But I Think It's Pretty Nice.

Added some new links to Amiga Page

Added Amiga page.

Rearranged web site a bit. Put 'on-site' links down the left side of page. I think it works pretty well. Feedback please!

Yikes! Seems I got a little carried away with wildcards and 'rm'ed about half my directory. Whoops! :-/ I think I have it all fixed now.

Added some sample pictures from my MVC-FD81 camera to the Gallery.

Added a couple of Visor links to the PalmPilot page. These "Springboards" look very interesting. I'm keeping an eye on them!

Fixed up the Palm page a bit. Removed broken links, and added some new ones. and, why does mircrosoft keep changing the name of their palm computer?