Previous Updates

I have had a US Robotics (Now 3Com) Palm Pilot since October of 1997. It's a great tool for helping you get organized (and a lot of fun too!).

I originally bought the Palm Pilot Personal but quickly upgraded it with the 1 meg expansion. Even though I have found most progams are fairly thrifty with their memory use, I often find myself wanting more memory. This will temporarily be fixed by the Palm III upgrade that is said to be on it's way. I will, of course, want more shortly after upgrading.

I am using the slim leather case from 3Com. I like it better than the slip on case that was provided as it allows easier access while still providing good protection (well, at least in my opinion!). I have a Write Right screen "enhancement" installed, and in general, am happy with the protection and "feel" it provides, though it does darken the screen a bit. I also have the PalmPilot clip-on modem.

Click here to see a list of what I currently (3-29-98) have on my PalmPilot.

In late April 1998 my PalmPilot went for a ride down my back porch stairs. It did not survive. Although nothing appeared to be damaged, nothing would show up on the screen. I was upset that it didn't take this mishap a little better. I have dropped it before without any problems, but maybe this was just the "final straw"? Anyhow, after following several tips shared by the kind folks on the PalmPilot Newsgroup (and some from e-mail) without any luck, I had to decide whether to send the old one back for repairs, or go for a new one.

I found that I was really quite lost without my Pilot, and didn't want to wait for repairs to be done, so that helped me decide to sell the old one (for parts) and get a new Palm III. So far, I am happy with that decision! I did find a couple programs I had that wouldn't work with the PalmIII though. One was LaunchPad, which I really missed (even though the new Launcher is a big improvment over the old). But LaunchPad has been patched, and now works correctly. Another that broke was Online. Although I don't really need any term program on the Pilot, I am looking for a good replacment.

So, I bought a new case (CaseLogic) in hopes that it will offer a bit better protection and I am busy filling up the 2 megs of ram!

Always looking to be on the leading edge, (well, as money allows) in Feb 1999 I got a PalmIIIx. I was quite taken with the new improved screen, and felt sure I could find use for the 4 megs of ram. I also got the Palm belt clip "Slim Case". I also looked at (and liked!) the PalmV, but the 2megs of ram seemed a bit restrictive.

I used "Palmlink" to back up the old III and then restored on the IIIx. No problem!

The programs for syncing the Palms and Amiga are coming along pretty nicely. My current favorite being "Spitfire2" by Ralph Torchia, which can be downloaded direct from the Spitfire2 web site, or from Aminet. It allows Hotsync, Backup, and access to the info in the Databook, MemoPad, Todo's, etc.

I am now a happy Palm IIIc owner! The screen is so much easier to see (well, except for outdoors on a sunny day). More and more programs are coming out with color support.

I found the new cradle has some problems when connected to my pc, but luckily works fine on the Amiga. I also recently discovered I have developed the crack in the case that has been discussed in the newsgroups. Not a major problem for me. I guess I can live with it.

October 2001

It seems that I just have to update my hardware everyone so often. Yes, I am now a proud owner of a Sony Clie N760c. While I have only had it for a couple of weeks, I am so far quite happy with it. I certainly like the hi-res screen, and the size and weight (while not quite like the Palm M505) work fine for me. I am suprised at how much I enjoy being able to play MP3s on it. I bought a 64MB memory stick shortly after buying it, but now also just bought a 128MB stick just for MP3s!

I also bought a case for it (since I didn't really care for the flip cover that Sony provides) and am using up some old WriteRights that I have left over in hopes of avoiding the dust problem that I've heard about.

I think the one main thing I don't like about the Sony is the size of the buttons. While they do work fine in normal use, it is very hard to use them for game playing. Course, the other thing would be that the cradle is USB which makes it quite difficult to use on the Amiga (no Spitfire!?). There is a cable available that allows you to connect to a serial port, but I have not been able to find one local yet. I guess one other downside would be that the Sony uses a different connection so none of my old Palm addons (i.e. modem, keyboards) will work with it. :-(

May 2002
Yet another hardware upgrade! Yup, this time a Sony NR70V. Yes, rather expensive, but when I bought it I got a 'free' 128MB memory stick with it which brought the price down a bit. And it does play MP3s, and has a built-in camera, and keyboard, and a 320x480 screen! Speaking of which, I have easily adjusted to the soft graffiti area and am having fun trying various skins from This should keep me busy until more programs come out with support for collapsing it all together.

Everything transfered over from my 760c without a problem. Well, almost. I did find that the camera would only take one picture and then the entire screen would become garbled and would crash if I tried to take another picture. I could use the back button to return to the launcher and then run it again but with the same results. This had me stumped for a bit because it worked fine before I installed anything! But, after adding the "CLIE camera" program to "Switch Dash" everything now works fine again.

OK, on to some of the things I don't like: The camera is very low-res (max 320x240), the back button is rather small and hard to press
...more to come...