A Tarantula Shed In Progress

My tarantula, a Mexican Red-Knee (bred in captivity) just shed, so I thought it would be cool to take some pictures of it.

In this first picture, it's at the back of the cage, on its back, just getting ready to shed.
Spider 1

Here, it's still at the back, but it's coming out of the skin. I didn't think to turn the cage around at this point. You can see some of its food (a cricket) being adventuresome behind it.
Spider 2

I've turned the cage around, and you can see it's mostly out of the skin. The old skin is brownish-black, the new is pure black.
Spider 3

Just about have the legs out.
Spider 4

Legs are out, it's resting up before getting ready to turn over.
Spider 5

I've moved the skin aside. The whole process took about an hour.
Spider 6

Here's the skin. I've played with the contrast/brightness so you can see the holes its legs and fangs were in. The fang holes are the two at the top that look like turn signal indicators. That's a penny sitting next to it. Spider Skin

Now it'll rest for a couple of days, then be ready to do some eatin'.