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Welcome to my marsh

OK, I don't own it, but I find it a wonderful refuge - both for wildlife and for my spirit. Except when it is cold and snowy, I enjoy taking long walks on the trails that run through the area.

I actually hate to divulge my place to run away from the world, but I expect some of the wildlife will keep many visitors away. The place has a bountiful population of ticks. If you don't care for the smell of bug spray on your cloths, be happy with pictures.

Some people I have told about the marsh expect it's a muddy swamp. Actually, there are a number of dikes. I believe they were built for water management in the area and the main paths run along the tops of the dikes. There are channels next to the dikes that team with wildlife, fish and muskrats.

Wildlife in the Marsh

The State of Michigan has a small site about the marsh.

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