Climate Change Feedback Effects

Climate Change Feedback Effects:

  1. Reduction of the Albedo reflection effect at the poles from polar ice melt.
  2. Acceleration from stopping pollution, causing immediate reduction in reflective sulfur gasses.
  3. Increased green house effect from increased non-cloud water vapor.
  4. Exhausting CO2 from the oceans as the ocean temperature rises.
  5. Massive Addition of Methane to the atmosphere from permafrost and polar melts.
  6. Further loss of land plant life from heating and desertification.
  7. Ocean acidification killing off oceanic ecosystems that process CO2.
  8. Acceleration of loss of land plant life from further human desperation.
  9. Reduction of land plants as sealevel rises and covers land.
  10. Dieoff of carbon encapsulating animals in the ocean.
  11. Recycling, and many other allegedly "green" activities.