In case you might be curious where I originate this stuff from.  This is my disaster of a home office.  Stylized just a bit to hide some of the muck.

The speaker on the shelf there, I bought when I was still living in an apartment about thirty years ago.  Sounds like crap but hard to kill.

The crooked photo with the orange in it I took back when I was playing with 35mm photography, same for the picture to the left of the tigers, that’s Snoqualmie Falls.  The tigers are a commercial print.

The table is much larger than it looks, about 4×6 feet.  The monitor is a monster old 21 inch tube Viewsonic which is old and sick and blurry.  The focus control can’t focus the screen everywhere at once, I can have the center focused or the edges but not both at the same time.  It eats about half the table all by itself.  Some year I’ll get a modern LCD monitor but funds have been tight so I live with it for now.  It’s supposed to be capable of 1440×1920 @ 80Hz, but in reality it will only do that resolution at 60 Hz, so I run it at 1600×1200 @75 Hz which gets the flicker down to where it is tolerable.  The higher resolution really doesn’t do any good with the focus problems it has anyway.

The wireless router on the 2nd shelf connects the Kodak ESP3.2 Printer to the left.  Some lady at Walmart told me she had three of them and they worked wonderfully for her so I bought one to replace my aging printers that no longer print functionally.  It was a real pain to get to talk but I finally did get it working mostly.  Occasionally it goes out to lunch and requires a power cycle to talk again.