Centos7 Down

     In the process of fixing boot problems with centos7, I broke bind, the name server.  It fails to start, but does not log any errors to give me a clue as to why.  Thus I am reverting to the older centos7 image that was a pain to boot but had a working name server.  Because the backup is compressed, it will take several hours to restore.

System Wide Maintenance

     I will be taking most everything down, not all at the same time, tonight, to do some system tuning to improve performance.  Outages of any one service should not last more than about 1/2 hour.  This should start round 2AM and conclude by 6AM Pacific time.

Centos7 Maintenance

     Centos7 will be down for approximately 1/2 hour to image.  I made some changes to fix issues with slow and unreliable boots.  I want to get this backed up in this state so that if recovery becomes necessary I don’t have to re-apply all the fixes.