Web Development IDE gdevelop installed on Ubuntu

     If you’ve used Adobe Flash and know Actionscript, then you are probably aware that these capabilities have been replaced by HTML5.  You’re probably also aware that the pretty interface Flash had does not exist for HTML5, you’re stuck hand coding everything, until now.

     Gdevelop gives you similar capabilities to Flash.  It is not as pretty but is functional.  It’s a little weird in the way it interfaces with a web browser.  Some of the buttons within the IDE, you click on them and expect output but the output is sent to a web browser so it is best if you have both at hand.

     Gdevelop is available via x2go on ubuntu.eskimo.com.  First you need to establish a remote desktop connection to ubuntu.eskimo.com using x2go (get it from x2g.org, free), then go to Applications -> Programming -> Gdevelop.  This package is geared towards creating web applications, online games, etc.  Basically web pages that do things rather than being static.

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