CGI Scripts Available on Eskimo North

Here's a quick rundown of the scripts, utilities and programs installed on Eskimo North:

A CGI form processing program which provides a way to use forms input to point to URLs without doing any programming. Look here for more information.

A Perl library to manipulate CGI input. Look here for its documentation.

This Perl library uses perl5 objects to simplify the creation and parsing of fill-out HTML forms. The library can also be found in /usr/local/lib/perl5/ on Eskimo. Look here for its documentation.

A very powerful and fully customizable CGI counter. Look here for more information.

Please limit yourself to one data file per account. All data files must be of the form: your_login.dat. For example, if your login name is JoeUser, the counter data file will have to be defined as follows:

<IMG SRC="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?df=JoeUser.dat">

Data files which do not comply with this format will be automatically deleted. (Note: data files cannot be edited directly on Eskimo.)

* date
A simple Bourne shell script which returns the current date/time. Look here for an example.

A simple email form handler. Look here for an example. Please, send mail to webmaster with the relevant information (email address and return page location) if you wish to be added to the email configuration file. The email form, documentation and source can be found here.

Imagemap Module
Our server handles inline clickage image automatically. Look here for a tutorial.

A Perl 5 library of CGI functions. (A Perl 4 version is also available as

* mailback
A script to mail the results of an HTML form to its author. Look here or even here for examples of forms using this script.

* random
A Perl script to generate random URL from a text file "database". Look here for an example.

A Perl/CGI library to send mail via sendmail/smtp.

* subscribe
A Perl script to automate the process of subscribing to majordomo, listproc, listserv and smartlist mailing lists. An example can be found here.

* test.cgi
A very useful Perl script to check on all arguments and variables passed to CGI scripts. For an example look here.
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