Eskimo North

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DSL, Meeting, Dual Channels..

     I need to find a good deal on a Cisco 2600 with intergral CSU/DSU card,
if anybody can point me in that direction it would be helpful at getting our
DSL service up and running.

     We should have Qwest Mega central operational by the end of this month,
assuming we can get a router here in time.

     Eskimo North users meeting is this sunday, May 20th, 2:30PM, at Ballard
Godfathers, on 15th Ave NW, between 61st and 62nd street (Seattle), a block
north of Ivars.

     We meet in the part of the restuarant back farthest from 15th NW, past the
salad bar, restrooms, and utinsils.  In that back portion, generally in the
area away from the TV and games as they tend to make it difficult to talk.

     We have someone working on getting access to Telia lines setup for us this
evening which is an alternative to MegaPOP that can also provide dual channel
(UUNET and Qwest can not).  We have a number of customers who have recently had
problems with getting channels to bind properly using MegaPOP and hopefully
this will provide a working alternative. 

     Thanks to those of you that pointed me to the Seagate Barracuda 180GB
drives for the news server.