Eskimo North

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Eskimo North Users Meeting

               Eskimo North Users Meeting - October 21, 2001

     Location: Ballard Godfathers

               Between 61st and 62nd Street on 15th Avenue NW in the
               Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

               We meed in the back portion of the restaurant farthest
               from 15th NW and in that section generally away from the
               television and video games.

     Time:     Starting at 2:30 PM on Sunday the 21st of October.

     What:     These are informal.  Questions regarding Eskimo Norths
               services are welcomed, as are related topics such as
               questions about Linux, Internet applications in general,
               how the net works, etc.  Beyond that it's just an
               opportunity to put names and faces together.

               Non-customers are welcomed to attend as well.