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Specials End Oct 31st / Dial plan B/D/E rates, Etc.

     To take advantage of the two-year dial plan A or F specials, your payment
must be post-marked by Oct 31st.

     Dial plan B, D, E, and H rates are going up on November 1st, Dial plan A
and F rates will remain the same EXCEPT that the specials will end October 31.

     Remote shell rates will be going up on November 1st.

     The increases will be more on the short-term rates than the long-term
because I need to encourage people to go to the longer terms.  After 9/11, more
payments have been the shorter term rates and the result is I spend every
waking hour doing accounting and have no time left for anything else.

     If you can go to a longer interval, a quarter instead of a month, a year
instead of a quarter, etc, it will free up my time so I can work on getting
other things going like PHP, DSL, web mail/news, better spam rejection, etc,
and I'd much appreciate that.