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Virus alert update; new "Goner" virus, too

The virus-alerts and filters have been updated again to include a new one
that we haven't seen "live" in the support box yet, but has already been
raised to the same level of infections as the 'badtrans' one that has been
going the rounds...  Pages from both Symantec (Norton) and McAfee are below
for folks that may need to update anit-virus databases, etc.  Please be
sure if you're running Outlook or Outlook Express to have the latest
security updates from Microsoft as well.

"Goner" -- Supposedly a screen saver, but really a potential
           Denial-of-Service trojan.  Haven't caught any "live" copies
           in support's inbox at the moment, but as we do run an IRC server
           (attaches itself to mIRC cleints), it may be coming...

"Badtrans" -- This one usually sends an empty message containing only an
              infected attachment, occasionally adding a '_' to the email
              address to make it harder to reply with a warning, etc.  Just
              this week alone (Dec01-Dec07), we still caught 86 of these,
              after it's been slowing somewhat.

"Sircam" -- This infects and sends random files from the victim's hard
            drive.  5 copies in support's inbox this week, as this one
            has been slowing down (but not stopped) for a while.

~ Eric

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